Final Fantasy XV Gets New Info and Gameplay; Bonus DLC Content Showcased

Final Fantasy XV Gets New Info and Gameplay; Bonus DLC Content Showcased

Today Square Enix hosted a new Active Time Report broadcast for Final Fantasy XV, showcasing new gameplay and information.

The new footage showcased includes bonus DLC skins and weapons provided by pre-orders at various Japanese retailers and for the special editions.

Below you can read a translation of the information shared by official forums user xXShuyaXx.

  • Wait mode was well received, specially by Japanese fans.
  • The picture that was drawn of the party in the Altissia trailer includes a secret.
  • The Regalia changes form depending on the altitude, but will remain in that form until landing.
  • The Regalia skin dedicated to Cidney is really popular with the US Square Enix staff.
  • DLC weapons include from previous titles, Gae Bolg, Blaze Edge, Masamune, Mage Master.
  • The Lucis suit DLC is Only for Noctis.
  • Tabata-san feels that, after watching Kingsglaive in full, he wants fans to really watch the movie and then play the game as the experience will be two-fold.
  • Despite that, Tabata-san also mentioned that each product is standalone and he is fine with people just experiencing one.
  • Justice Monsters V will be released at around Gamescom
  • Justice Monsters V has micro-transactions and a gacha system. Golden balls are required to spin, but you can get many just by playing.
  • Tabata-san will not be present at Japan Expo.
  • Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV Episode 3 dedicated to Gladio is planned for around the time of Japan Expo, on July 7th.
  • Next event will be at Gamescom. Demos will be available.
  • Tabata-san is pretty sure that there will be a day 1 patch for  Final Fantasy XV.
  • Final Fantasy XV‘s final release build might be ready for Tokyo Game Show.

The footage for the DLC starts at the 32:40 mark.