Final Fantasy XV Gets Lots of Direct Feed Screenshots and Info: Iris, Ravus, Shops, Battle and More

Final Fantasy XV Gets Lots of Direct Feed Screenshots and Info: Iris, Ravus, Shops, Battle and More

Today Square Enix released a batch of direct feed screenshots of Final Fantasy XV, showcasing quite a few elements of the game, that will be released worldwide on September 30th.

First of all we get to take a look at Iris Amicitia, who escaped from the attack on Insomnia by the Niflheim Empire and is currently living in Lestallum. She has a great relationship with Noctis and Ignis, who she knows since childhood. She is a strong girl at the core, and she did not lose her positiveness even in her difficult current situation.

We also get a direct feed look at Ravus Nox Fleuret, Luna’s brother. Once a man of the Kingdom of Tenebrae, she now serves in the Imperial Army.

The screenshots also showcase several gameplay elements: during the story and the party’s journey, the player will be prompted to answer questions. When that happens, different answers may lead to different outcomes.

Various shops are scattered around the world, each with an unique appearance. The store includes a variety of items, including potions to recover HP, ingredients for cooking, and miscellaneous merchandise that it’s fun to discover.

The diner lets you take care of your hunger, including cuisine that can be eaten only locally. It also provides convenient information on the area and it’s where you receive rewards for the “Mobhunt” quests.

The weapons shop mostly buys and sells weapons. Inventory varies by location, so players need to explore to find specific weapons.

Service stations are needed to refuel the Regalia, since it cannot run indefinitely.

While the main quest influences the progress of the story, there is also a variety of sub-quests. In the diner it’s possible to receive a bounty that activates a quest named “Mobhunt.” The player is free to accept any mobhunt that he wants, but the reward is proportional to the power of the prey.

We also get more info on combat: there is a wide variety of “Link attacks” that can trigger automatically in certain conditions. In the screenshots below you can see a link attack with Ignis and a back link attack with Gladio.

In addition to the automatically triggered link attacks, there are also “command attacks,” that lets you instruct your allies to perform a specific strike. In the screenshots you can see Prompti’s “Star Bullet” and Gladio’s “Tempest.”

Last, but not least, it’s possible to “mark” enemies, which makes them a priority for Noctis’ companions to attack.