Final Fantasy XV Getting Pre-Order and Collector’s Edition Bonuses as Paid DLC

Final Fantasy XV Getting Pre-Order and Collector’s Edition Bonuses as Paid DLC

If you missed on Final Fantasy XV's pre-order of limited edition bonuses, you can grab them today for a small price.

The “Moogle Chocobo Carnival” isn’t the only downloadable content that Final Fantasy XV is getting today. Square Enix is releasing the bonuses that were previously included as bonuses for pre-orders and the limited editions as paid DLC.

The packages have been released in Japan, Asia and Europe for now, but they’re likely to come in North America later this evening, following the store’s usual update times.

Below you can find a list of the items available for download (links are for the European PSN):

Item: Gourmand Set

Turn campgrounds into kitchens and make meals into masterpieces with this custom cookware.

Item: Angler Set

Take this handy tackle box to the fishing holes around Eos, snag yourself a whopper, and claim the title of Ace Angler.

Item: Travel Pack

See the world in style with this set of gear to go, replete with all the globetrotting essentials.

Item: Camera Kit

Shoot anything that moves and capture the memories of a lifetime with this accessory kit for your camera.

Outfit: Royal Raiment

Dress Noctis in the traditional formalwear of Lucian lieges, clothing truly fit for a king.

Weapon: Blazefire Saber (FFXIII)

Come out gunblade blazing by adding Lightning’s signature weapon from FINAL FANTASY XIII to your arsenal.

Weapon: Gae Bolg (FFXIV)

Strike fear into the hearts of foes as you descend upon them with this legendary dragoon lance from FINAL FANTASY XIV.

Weapon: Mage Mashers (FFIX)

Mash monsters into mincemeat as you dual-wield these daggers made famous by Zidane Tribal of FINAL FANTASY IX.

Weapon: Masamune (FFXV)

The legendary sword Masamune is back, specially redesigned for FINAL FANTASY XV. Add it to your arsenal and cut your enemies down to size.

Recolor: Gold Chocobo

Let your wheels run wild and free by gilding your ride in homage to the rarest breed of bird.

Recolor: Cindymobile

Show your appreciation for Hammerhead’s mighty fine mechanic with this custom colouring.

Recolor: 16-Bit Buddies

Ride in retro style by tricking out the Regalia with this exclusive pixel art decal of Noctis and his buddies.

Recolor: Platinum Leviathan

Make waves wherever you go by detailing the Regalia with this sleek serpentine finish.

Again, the DLC are not available on the North American store just yet, but you can most probably look forward to them this evening.

Final Fanatasy XV is currently available for PS4 and Xbox One.