Final Fantasy XV Looks Incredible in New Screenshots: Battle, Equipment, Inns, Food, Chocobos and More

Today Square Enix Japan released a large batch of direct feed screenshots and info of Final Fantasy XV, that will be released for PS4 and Xbox One on September 30th.

The screenshots showcase the equipment screens for both Noctis and his companions, link attacks, three different kinds of accommodations (camping, trailers and inns), cooking and food, and chocobos.

The equipment window for Noctis includes four weapons that can be switched instantly at the pressure of a button, and three slots for accessories with various effects. His companions have a set of commands different for each character, including attacks and support actions. On top of that, they can be assigned a main weapon and a sub-weapon (the type of usable weapons is fixed for each character).

Link attacks are also showcased: there are many different animations and effects, and some depend on the weapons equipped on Noctis. For instance when Noctis is using a greatsword and a link attack with Prompto is triggered, they will exchange weapons: Noctis will shoot the enemy, while Prompto will slash him with the sword for massive damage.

Other link attacks depend on the weapons a companion is using. When Gladio is equipped with a shield as a sub-weapon, he will Jump from Noctis’ back to deliver a devastating attack from above.

The ability to spend the night at different locations is an indispensable element of the road trip portrayed in the game.

Camping can be done at safe spots in the map, and includes a meal and a night of rest. On the upside, it’s free, but it requires ingredients for Ignis to cook his delicacies.

Trailers are another kind of accommodation placed in various areas of the world. They are relatively inexpensive and they provide a bonus, but they have a downside in the fact that they don’t allow to consume food.

Many locations also have inns, that vary from low-class motels to ultra-luxurious resorts. The benefit of staying  at an inn is that it provides powerful bonuses, but it’s also expensive and doesn’t come with a meal.

When camping, the group will enjoy Ignis’ home cooking, that will help in preparing for the battles of the next day by providing a variety of buffs. Meat and vegetables can be used as ingredients, and can be obtained through battle or other means. When Ignis finds a new ingredient, it’s also possible that he’ll learn a new recipe.

In addition to this, it’s also possible to increase the level of the chocobos by feeding them while camping.

There are also dishes that are specific to a certain place, and can be savored only at restaurants and hotels. It might be worth giving them a try.

Last, but not least, we get a glimpse on chocobos, the popular yellow birds that live all over the world of Final Fantasy XV. When ridden, they move faster than humans, and can be rented when certain conditions are met.

In order to rent them, you pay a fee at a vending machine depending on the duration of the rental in days. Once you have done that, you’ll receive a key item named Chocobo Whistle.

But without further ado, I leave you with the screenshots, which you can enjoy in the gallery below.

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