Final Fantasy XV: Meet the Team Behind The JRPG; In-Game Logos and More Showcased

on August 11, 2016 4:00 PM

Today Square Enix has posted on its social media channels several greetings from some key elements of the team working on Final Fantasy XV.

"I’m Yusuke Naora & my main responsibility is giving artistic directions for characters. In addition to the main characters including Noctis, there are some interesting characters that haven't been made public yet. So you can look forward to seeing them & I hope you like them! This is me and a 23kg Yellowfin tuna I caught when I went fishing in the ocean a few years back." Naora-san ========== 直良有祐です。主にキャラクター周りのアートディレクションを担当してます。ノクト達だけでなく、まだまだ発表されてないキャラクター達にも中々良いキャラがいますので楽しみにしてて下さい。写真は、何年か前に海で釣り上げた23kgのキハダマグロです。 ========== #FFXV #FFXVDevIntro #FFXVDev #GameDev #GameDevelopment #Yellowfin #Tuna #Fishing ==========

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"I’m Sun, a lead game designer on #FFXV I’m from Thailand & my real name is PRASERTVITHYAKARN PRASERT which is too long to call, so I ask people to call me Sun. I work on all of the behaviours of friends who travel with Noctis – the game systems related to them and AI systems to make them feel real in #FFXV. I make a day-to-day effort so that you can experience a journey with friends that you’ll enjoy unlike any other game. I want you to genuinely feel fun & encouragement with your friends while also feeling insecure & lonely without them. I hope you will play #FFXV and have great time with them! Music is my main hobby – I do a cappella & I also compose & arrange music too. My secret dream is to compose songs for Final Fantasy & I want to write “A cappella de Chocobo!” Hopefully it’ll happen one day…" Sun-san ========== #FF15 リードゲームデザイナーのサンです。主人公と一緒に旅している「仲間達」の挙動の全て/それに関わるゲームシステムやそれを実現するためのAIシステムを担当しています。 他のゲームでは味わえないFF15だけの仲間との旅の体験、 一緒にいると楽しく、心強く、いなくなると不安で、寂しい 仲間のことをそう本気で感じてもらうように日々努力をしています。 是非FF15を遊んで彼らを一緒に過ごして下さい! ========== #FFXV #FFXVDevIntro #FFXVDev #GameDev #GameDevelopment #Friends #Journey #Music #ACappella ==========

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Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but my curiosity has been piqued by Tachidaka-san’s tweet, about imagining that moment in Final Fantasy XV. We haven’t seen much in the game in terms of mountains. Could this be a small tease about being able to climb some serious elevation?

I certainly hope so.

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