Final Fantasy XV’s New Demo “Judgement Disk” Now Available for Download [UPDATED]

Final Fantasy XV’s New Demo “Judgement Disk” Now Available for Download [UPDATED]

If you’re eager to test Final Fantasy XV‘s new demo titled “Judgement Disk,” it’s now available for download on the Japanese PlayStation Network. The release was announced just yesterday morning by Director Hajime Tabata during an Active Time Report broadcast.

The demo can be downloaded here, and weighs a whopping 13.426 GB. It allows you to play the first half of the first chapter on the easy difficulty setting.

Keep in mind that you’ll need a Japanese PSN account to access the download page and download the demo. Of course the only language available is Japanese.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are certain differences with the final version, while the lack of a number of side quests, mob hunts and differences in item drops, character progression and more.

The Xbox One version of the demo appears not to be available yet, but we’ll keep you updated on when it will be released.

Update: the Xbox One version of the demo has also been released, and it’s available here.

Final Fantsy XV received two demos so far: the first was Episode Duscae, distributed in two successive versions to those who purchased Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. The second, titled Platimum Demo, was released for PS4 and Xbox One on March 30th, featuring Noctis as a kid and Carbuncle. Both demos were released in Japanese and English.

The title “Judgement Disk” was devised to convey the intention of letting gamers “judge” directly how the game looks and plays.