Final Fantasy XV: Original Soundtrack Gets Four-Disc Physical Release on March 24 in US

Final Fantasy XV: Original Soundtrack Gets Four-Disc Physical Release on March 24 in US

The epic soundtrack for Final Fantasy is getting a four-disc physical release in the US in just a few weeks, and is now available for preorders.

After nearly a decade of waiting, players were finally introduced to Final Fantasy XV and its epic world to (mostly) critical acclaim, while the game’s sweeping orchestral score will finally be in players hands in just a few weeks.

Sony Classical has announced that the full, official soundtrack of Final Fantasy XV will be available in a four-disc set on March 24th, 2017, featuring over “90 masterpieces from the most highly anticipated Final Fantasy release in years.”

The soundtrack will include the entire 96-song collection of tracks composed by Yoko Shimomura, and will retail for $29.99. Pre-orders for the album are now live through Amazon for those that want to secure the soundtrack ahead of time.

The soundtrack for Final Fantasy XV has been previously available as a disc set in Japan and digitally on iTunes and Google Play in other regions, though this release marks the first physical edition of the soundtrack that is available to buyers in the US.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for PS4 and Xbox One – you can check out the full track list from the soundtrack below:

CD 1

1             Somnus (Instrumental Version)

2             Departure

3             Broken Down

4             Hammerhead

5             Wanderlust

6             Encroaching Fear

7             Stand Your Ground

8             Relax and Reflect

9             Day’s End Fanfare

10           Horizon

11           Safe Haven

12           Lurking Danger

13           Hunt or Be Hunted

14           CINDY

15           Urban Chrome

16           A Quick Pit Stop

17           Love Lost

18           Galdin Quay

19           ARDYN

20           The Aggressors

21           Nox Aeterna

22           The Hunters

23           What Lies Within

24           Daemons

25           Bros on the Road

26           Fantastica!

CD 2

1             The Niflheim Empire

2             Veiled in Black

3             Valse di Fantastica

4             Crystalline Chill

5             What a Hoot

6             Blues de Chocobo

7             Reel Rumble

8             The Fight Is On!

9             Lestallum

10           Welcome to the Leville

11           Unsettling Aura

12           Don’t Panic!

13           Apocalypsis Noctis

14           Cosmogony

15           Melancholia

16           A Premonition

17           Nox Divina

18           Labyrinthine

19           Flying R

20           Imperial Infiltration

21           Veiled in Black (Arrangement)

22           Invidia

23           Sorrow Without Solace

CD 3

1             Sunset Waltz

2             Disquiet

3             OMNIS LACRIMA

4             Rodeo de Chocobo

5             Listen Up

6             Creeping Shadows

7             Impending Peril

8             Up for the Challenge

9             Cape Caem

10           Cape Caem – Our New Home

11           Cape Caem – Hidden Harbor

12           Bros on the Road II

13           Noctis

14           Over the Waves

15           Altissia

16           Altissia – Gondola Ride

17           Welcome to the Royal Suite

18           Starlit Waltz

19           Prayer de LUNA

20           No Time Left

21           Song of the Stars

22           The Hydraean’s Wrath

23           Ardyn II

24           Luna


CD 4

1             Broken Bonds

2             Dining Car

3             Cartanica

4             Relax and Reflect – Pensive

5             Careening Into Danger

6             Tenebrae

7             Horrors of the Night

8             End of the Road

9             An Empire in Ruins

10           RAVUS AETERNA

11           In the Light of the Crystal

12           A World Unwaking

13           Neverending Nightmare

14           Homecoming

15           Hammerhead – The Last Bastion

16           Somnus

17           Hellfire

18           Magna Insomnia

19           Dawn

20           Somnus Ultima

21           Dewdrops at Dawn

22           Main Theme from FINAL FANTASY