Final Fantasy XV’s Demo Bugs Will Be Fixed With a Patch; Director Hajime Tabata Responds to Concerns

Final Fantasy XV’s Demo Bugs Will Be Fixed With a Patch; Director Hajime Tabata Responds to Concerns

The recently launched Final Fantasy XV Judgement Disk demo is definitely fantastic, but some users have been experiencing a few glitches, prompting Director Hajime Tabata to address possible concerns on Twitter.

Tabata-san mentioned that the team is already fixing the bugs, and and will be releasing a hotfix patch to those able to apply it, encouraging players to rest assured that developers are gauging the frequency of the glitches and will fix them whenever needed.

The demo also includes a small clip of the feature film Kingsglaive that ends abruptly, which may have caused some confusion. That’s because it didn’t fit the capacity of the master ROM. The team will be providing an upgrade patch to the full game in order to include the sequence. The demo simply did not reflect that upgrade.

We also learn that Square Enix intended to stop distributing the Platinum Demo (which was released on March 3oth) in roughly a week, but they received so many requests to keep it up, that they changed their mind, and it will stay available until the end of the year.

Tabata-san also talked about the game’s delay and the fact that there will be a patch (one of the reasons for the delay to November 29th was mentioned as the will to deliver the full game to everyone out of the box, including those who can’t download patches). In the past two months, the team has worked very hard to fix bugs that would hinder the gameplay, so that the ending can be reached smoothly. The fact that the demo is being evaluated positively can be seen as the result of that hard work.

Yet, since it’s very difficult to eliminate every single minor problem, those will be addressed with a patch. With the current level of technology, it’s impossible to remove every little glitch in an open world game in a short period of time, but Tabata-san asks fans to please understand that those bugs will be eliminated at a steady pace.

This gameplay style based on freedom offers an enormous level of variety. While the program does set the rules of how you can play, the combinations of gameplay actions you can perform in an open world environment is too large for human understanding. That said, development will keep evolving every day, so players are encouraged to stick with the game for a long time.

Last, but not least, it was clarified that the preview version sent to the media for the recently published previews was not the final master version, that has not been distributed to the media just yet. The master version is expected to be sent to the media soon for their reviews. The team looks forward to the reviews of the master version which will come soon, and fans are encouraged to look forward to them as well.

Personally, I found the demo absolutely fantastic, and it played with zero problems on all platforms from start to end. I have seen reports of the glitches, but I have a feeling that those reports have been overblown by the media. It was a weekend, after all. And you know what happens on weekends.

That said, it’s nice to see that the team is on the ball, and will be continuing to work hard to make sure that the experience is as smooth as possible for as many players as possible.

If you want to check the situation yourself, and see how the demo runs on your on your own console, you can find out how to download here, and since it’s in Japanese, you might find our guide to the option menu useful. Last but not least, if you’s like to take a good look at a lot of screenshots on the PS4 Pro, that shines for its image quality, you can find a metric ton of images here, and a timelapse video here.

Incidentally, Tabata-san’s message hides an interesting piece of trivia if you read between the lines: since the Kingsglaive video couldn’t fit in the master ROM, it means that the development team has really filled up that Blu-ray disk with content all the way to its capacity limits, which honestly isn’t all that surprising.

I know I’m not the only one who can’t wait to get his hands on it. Only two weeks to go.