Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD Released on Xbox One and PS4, Switch Version Coming Later

Square Enix has released an HD version of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition on PS4 and Xbox with a Switch version coming down the line.

on September 7, 2018 12:08 AM

Square Enix has brought Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD to Xbox One and PS4 right now, with a Nintendo Switch version coming soon. This will give those that haven’t played the game yet a chance to g0 through the story for the first time, and fans that have finished it a shot at experiencing the story in an entirely different format. You can see the launch trailer down below.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition was originally released on Android and iOS devices as an episodic game. It made its way onto PC right before summer. As I mentioned, you can get the title right now, and as a bonus, it’s available at a discounted price on both the PlayStation Store and the Microsoft Store. The discount will only be available until September 13 so grab it while you can if you’re not going to wait for the Switch releaseIt’s particularly cool that the game is coming to Nintendo Switch considering we haven’t seen a numbered Final Fantasy game on a Nintendo platform since VI on the SNES.

Fans waited roughly 10 years for Final Fantasy XV, the game released back on November 26, 2016. You can check out our original review. Since its release, the title has received numerous free updates as well as a whole bunch of DLC, with even more on the way, giving more background to the world of XV and its characters. We’ll be sure to update you as soon as a release date is announced for the Nintendo Switch version of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD. 

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