Final Fantasy XV Pre-Beta Already Running on PC and PS4; Dev Talks About Memory Constaints

Final Fantasy XV Pre-Beta Already Running on PC and PS4; Dev Talks About Memory Constaints

A few days ago, Final Fantasy XV Programmer Satoshi Kitade mentioned that the pre-beta build of the game is already playable from beginning to end. Afterwards, he followed up with further information.

First of all, he explained on the official forum that the build runs on PC. It also works on PS4, but there are still areas that require optimization and memory-related adjustments.

Secondly, he talked about memory optimization, prompted by a question about the fact that initially the dodge roll wasn’t included in the first version of Episode Duscae due to memory constraints.

Kitade-san explained that since the memory that can be used is a physically limited amount, developers always have to make trade-offs when adjusting every element of the game. They have to constantly decide what can be implemented and what can’t be based on all the game elements and resources are associated to each feature.

In order to add the dodge roll, all the resources and gameplay coding associated with avoidance had to fit into memory, and that’s why it was added only in 2.0.

That said, Kitade-san clarified that the development of the demo and the current development of the final game are done under different circumstances, which are also influenced by the progress on development of the game itself. The restrictions that had to be considered back when the demo was being developed don’t necessarily apply anymore now.

It’s relevant that Kitade-san’s mention of the game running on PC doesn’t mean that a PC version is coming (even if Director Hajime Tabata told us during an interview at Gamescom that it might be considered post-launch), but simply that the title is being developed on PC first, and then optimized for consoles, which is a pretty common process in game development.