Final Fantasy XV “Pre-Beta” Statement Clarified by Community Manager

Final Fantasy XV “Pre-Beta” Statement Clarified by Community Manager

Yesterday, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata mentioned that the game’s “pre-beta version” is complete, causing some confusion among fans due to the fact that the statement was rather obscure.

Terms like “alpha” and “beta” vary a lot in meaning between studios, and the “pre” part added to the complexity of identifying what exactly Tabata-san meant.

Luckily, Community Manager Dan Seto came to the rescue over the Official Forums.

“Whoa, hang on guys! A pre-beta is a preliminary step to a beta version so FFXV has not gone into full beta just yet. FFXV’s development is going along well but not that well 😛

So basically what this means is that the game is getting close to having all the assets locked down but there’s still room to change certain things (not everything) if need be. If the game was in beta, they couldn’t add any Moogles in :)”
Can’t live without Moogles, can we? Well, I personally can, but I know at least one person that would take a spiked club at my head for this statement.