Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro 60 FPS Patch Dated; Trailer Teases Gladio and Prompto’s DLCs

Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro 60 FPS Patch Dated; Trailer Teases Gladio and Prompto’s DLCs

The much awaited 60 FPS patch for PS4 Pro has finally been dated, and is coming alongside more goodies.

During a new Active Time Report broadcast from Tokyo, Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata presented a trailer of the upcoming updates for the game.

On top of the trailer, Tabata-san announced that an update coming on February 21st will include the following improvements and features.

  • PS4 Pro support for 1080p/60 FPS
  • Time-limited quests.
  • Level cap raise to 120.
  • Players will be able to save 200 pictures instead of 150.
  • It’ll be possible to use a music player when riding a chocobo.

Tabata-san clarified that thanks to the patch, the frame rate on PS4 Pro at 1080p will be 60 frames per second maximum (meaning that it won’t be 60 FPS all the time), but it’s very smooth. He also apologized for taking longer than initially expected to deliver the patch

The time-limited quests will basically be quests available only for a limited time. For this update, they will be new mobhunts, but in the future there will be more, including fishing quests.

You can check out the trailer below,. It gives the first animated glimpse on both the Episode Gladiolus DLC (coming on March 28th) and the Episode Prompto DLC (which will come in June). The former will focus more on fighting, while the latter will be centered around a deeper exploration of Prompto as a character.

It’s worth mentioning that the trailer is very similar to the one showcased at the 30th anniversary event in Tokyo two days ago (even if this is the first time it gets broadcasted publicly), but the part about the Magitek Exosuits has been removed and replaced by footage about the update described above.

If you want to read more about the upcoming updates to Final Fantasy XV, you can check out the content of the Booster Pack DLCs and of the updates coming in March (including the improvement to chapter 13). You can also see a work-in progress video of the Off-road version of the Regalia, and see the first official screenshots of Episode Gladiolus.