Final Fantasy XV Demo PS4 Pro VS PS4 VS Xbox One Screenshot Comparison: Beautiful on Every Platform

Final Fantasy XV Demo PS4 Pro VS PS4 VS Xbox One Screenshot Comparison: Beautiful on Every Platform

Square Enix released a new demo of Final Fantasy XV named Judgement Disk, giving gamers a good look at the visuals of the latest build of the game on both PS4 platforms and Xbox One.

This grants us a chance to compare the fidelity of the graphics on PS4 pro (that comes with two different visual settings, High Image Quality and Lightweight) against those on standard PS4 and on Xbox One.

We took several screenshots on each platform/setting via a Elgato HD60 capture card, saving them in lossless PNG to get the best definition possible. Not only we reproduced as well as possible the same angle and positions, but since the game comes with a dynamic day/night cycle, we also reproduced the same lightning conditions.

Below you can see each screenshot in all four versions in the following order. PS4 Pro High Image Quality, PS4 Pro Lightweight, Standard PS4 and Xbox One. Keep in mind that they’re big files, so give them time to load. You might also want to refrain from loading them on mobile if you are on limited data, as they’ll eat it up quite fast.

Resolution is of course the easiest difference to spot, with PS4 Pro leading on high quality, and then dropping progressively on lightweight setting, PS4 and finally on Xbox One.

There are also visible difference in foliage and hair, which are much softer on PS4 Pro’s high setting, becoming rougher on lesser settings and platforms.

Another relevant element that gets a boost on Sony’s newer console (as long as you stay on high setting) is tessellation LOD. This is quite visible in the mountains on the background in the last screenshot, where far away rocks are much more defined. Shadows are also softer and better defined.

The Xbox One version appears slightly more blurry due to the lower overall resolution, but one thing is for sure: Looking at the game on your TV, it appears gorgeous on every platform.

There are visible differences between consoles, but they aren’t so large that PS4 and Xbox One users should feel left out. They’re still going to be able to play one of the prettiest open world games of this generation.

You can find out how to download the demo and see for yourself here, and since it’s in Japanese, you might find our guide to the option menu useful. Last but not least, if you want to take a good look at a lot of screenshots on the PS4 Pro, that shines for its image quality, you can find a metric ton of images here.