Final Fantasy XV Dominates PS4 Sales on Japanese PSN; Leaves Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 Behind

Final Fantasy XV Dominates PS4 Sales on Japanese PSN; Leaves Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 Behind

Like every Friday, Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia released its weekly charts for PS4 digital downloads on the Japanese PlayStation Store. The results, that you can see below, are not exactly all that surprising.

  1. Final Fantasy XV
  2. Titanfall 2
  3. Battlefield 1
  4. SD Gundam: G Generation Genesis
  5. Watch_Dogs 2
  6. Minecraft
  7. Arcade Archives: Castlevania
  8. Inside
  9. Samurai Warriors: Sanada Maru
  10. Salt and Sanctuary
  11. Unravel
  12. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition
  13. FIFA 17
  14. Need for Speed
  15. Arcade Archives NEOGEO: Metal Slug
  16. Dragonball Xenoverse 2
  17. Overwatch: Origins Edition
  18. Resident Evil 6
  19. Machinarium
  20. Rainbow Six Siege

Final Fantasy XV‘s top spot is significant, while unsurprising, if anything because we’ve seen plenty of outlets posting comparisons with previous generations based on Media Create numbers, that don’t include digital sales, and during the PS4 generation Japanese gamers have become much more favorable towards full game downloads, that were basically an irrelevant percentage during the PS3 generation (Final Fantasy XIII hasn’t even been released digitally), and completely absent before.

We still don’t know precise numbers, but we’ll hear those from Famitsu in a couple of weeks.

Even more interesting is the fact that Titanfall 2 is positioning itself above Battlefield 1. The Battlefield franchise has always been very successful on the Japanese PSN, topping the charts for several weeks with Battlefield 4 and even Battlefield Hardline charting very well in the months after its release.

Just earlier today, we learned that Final Fantasy XV sold 64.63% of its first week shipment at brick and mortar stores in Japan,  having moved 690, 471 copies on PS4 and 3,791 on Xbox One.