Final Fantasy XV Shines in Tons of Amazing 1080p Screenshots Showing Weapons, Quests, Combat and More

Final Fantasy XV Shines in Tons of Amazing 1080p Screenshots Showing Weapons, Quests, Combat and More

Today Square Enix revealed a large batch of beautiful 1080p screenshots of Final Fantasy XV, that will be released worldwide on September 30th for PS4 and Xbox One.

We get to check out the different weapons available in the game: Swords, Greatswords, Daggers, Spears, Shields, Shuriken and Magic. There are “dozens” of different weapons, and the press release interestingly teases a mysterious weapon that has not been revealed yet.

Swords allows quick attacks relying on a continuous onslaught and agility. Greatswords are slow, but rely on reach and weight, allowing Noctis to cleave several enemies in one swing and causing large damage. Daggers are dual-wielded and fast. While the damage caused by each slice is low, thy allow Noctis to outmaneuver his enemies.

Spears have reach and power, and their strong attacks are akin of those of the Dragoons. Shields can be equipped in combination with one-handed swords. Using them to parry with the right timing can stagger the attacker. Shuriken are large and used with both hands. They can be used as ranged weapons, but attacks consume MP.

Last, but not least, magic like fire can be considered a weapon, and lets you throw fireballs at Noctis’ opponents.

We also see a few actions that are available to Noctis, including the warp (both to elements of the environment and enemies), the guard and dodge roll, the parry, and link moves executed in collaboration with other party members.

Guard can be broken by strong attacks. If you use the evade ability you can hold the guard button and Noctis will evade attacks automatically. This consumes MP. If you time the button press right, you will evade without consuming MP, and a “Just Guard” effect will be triggered. It’s also possible to tap the guard button to perform a dodge roll.

After guarding successfully, a prompt to execute a party will be displayed. Correct execution will lead into a powerful counter-attack, dealing severe damage.

Link attacks can be executed after a parry. They trigger automatically under various conditions. Back attacks cause 1.5 times the damage, and can trigger a back attack link, with one of the party members assisting Noctis and causing further damage.

We also get to see activities like quests, sub-quests and kill tasks, camping and Ignis’ yummy food.