Final Fantasy XV Sold 88,533 Digital Copies in Japan by Christmas; Total JP Sales Now Over a MiIlion

Final Fantasy XV Sold 88,533 Digital Copies in Japan by Christmas; Total JP Sales Now Over a MiIlion

Final Fantasy XV Sold through well over a million copies in Japan considering physical and digital salescombined.

Japanese gamers have been historically resilient to accept digital downloads instead of physical purchases, but with the PS4 becoming more and more widespread, bringing advanced online features to the country, the percentage of digital downloads has been sensibly increasing.

Unfortunately, Media Create and the weekly estimates from Famitsu don’t count digital sales, but once a month the Weekly Famitsu magazine does publish digital sales numbers, even if it does so with a considerable delay.

Today’s issue included the figures for Final Fantasy XV’s PS4 version sold on the PlayStation Store in Japan between the game’s release (November 27th) and Christmas (December 25th).

According to the magazine, the game sold 88,533 copies digitally on the PSN by Christmas, while the total by the same date was 948,680 including both digital and physical sell-through.

Today Famitsu also published its sales figures for brick and mortar stores only, updated to January 22nd, and the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XV is estimated at 928,815 copies sold to customers.

Add to that the 88,533 digital copies sold by Christmas, and we learn that Final Fantasy XV sold over 1,017,348 copies in Japan, bringing it well over the million milestone, especially considering that it doesn’t count digital sales after December 25th, or sales on Xbox One.

Looks like quite a large percentage of the six million copies shipped by January 10th have fund a warm and loving Japanese home.

Final Fantasty XV certainly deserves the sales milestone, and if you want to read more on how we feel about the game, you can check out our full review. The game also won both our two Game of the Year awards, picked both by our staff and by our readers via popular vote.

Incidentally, the live in-game event “Moogle Chocobo Festival” has recently been made available in Final Fantasy XV on January 24th, and that’s a good way as any to celebrate a new sales milestone.