Final Fantasy XV Story DLC Episode Gladiolus Gets Spectacular Trailer, Key Art and Screenshots

Final Fantasy XV Story DLC Episode Gladiolus Gets Spectacular Trailer, Key Art and Screenshots

Final Fantasy XV's first story DLC Episode Gladiolus looks awesome in its debut trailer.

During a panel at PAX East, Final Fantasy XV DLC Producer Haruyoshi Sawatari and Global Brand Manager Raio Mitsuno introduced the official trailer of the upcoming story DLC Episode Gladiolus.

They also gave a few pieces of info on the DLC itself, mentioning that Gladio and Noctis play quite differently: Noctis has a battle style based on mobility. On the other hand Gladio is the shield of the king, so he is based on a duality between offense and defense. He’s very physical, and “kind of a wild beast.”

Defense plays a huge role in the DLC: by blocking enemy attacks, the Rage gauge grows up to x4, increasing Gladio’s attack power. Perfectly timed blocks increase the gauge a lot more, also staggering enemies, opening them up for really powerful counter-attacks. Achieving a perfectly timed block is a bit tricky (specifically, there are no on-screen prompts), but the team wanted to make it challenging.

On the offense side, chaining Gladio’s normal attacks increase his “Glaiveheart” gauge, which unlocks his special attacks.

Gilgamesh appears in Episode Gladiolus. This Gilgamesh isn’t the usual Gilgamesh fans are used to. He’s the Gilgamesh of the Final Fantasy XV world. He’s the blade master an d a very powerful design. He doesn’t fool around, and he is very serious. Cor Leonis has history with him.

On top of the trailer, that you can see below (we included the Japanese version as well, for those who enjoy the original voice acting), during the livestream we also saw a beautiful new key art and screenshots, which can be enjoyed at the bottom of the post.

Today Square Enix also announced that NieR: Automata composer Keiichi Okabe created two tracks for Episode Gladiolus, and you can also enjoy more gameplay from yesterday.

Final Fantasy XV is already available for PS4 and Xbox One. Episode Gladiolus will release on March 28th.