Hajime Tabata Possibly Teases Final Fantasy XV For Nintendo Switch

August 22, 2017

With loads of new Final Fantasy XV announcements flooding the your Gamescom 2017 newsfeed, it could only be expected that there will be other plans in the pipeline for the most recent entry in the long running Final Fantasy series.

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata appeared live on Twitch today to talk about the new additions coming to the Final Fantasy XV universe, but that’s not all. The director commented about the future of the series saying, “We can’t give you any complete solid details at the moment”, but states that the team wants to do as much as they can with franchise. The director ended his statement by saying, “There’s another certain console out there that you may be thinking of, it sounds a little bit like your name Twitch.”


Now, we are only speculating, but the only console that comes to mind is the Nintendo’s newest console hybrid the Nintendo Switch. There was no further comment about the mystery console, but he added at the end that everyone on the team loves this console that sounds a lot like Twitch.

It’s also not mentioned whether this will be the full game or just a new experience set in the Final Fantasy XV universe.

Over the past few days, Final Fantasy XV has received a number of new trailer reveals and announcements, including a mobile version of the game called Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition.

You can watch the full clip below:

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