Final Fantasy XV Has An Xbox One TV Commercial…. in Japan; Really

Final Fantasy XV Has An Xbox One TV Commercial…. in Japan; Really

Final Fantasy XV is the first mainline Final Fantasy game to be released on Xbox One, so the notion that Microsoft wants create a bit of brand association between the newly released JRPG and the console isn’t exactly shocking. Yet, there is one country where many would not expect such an investment to take place: Japan.

Yet, it happened. Square Enix released a TV commercial dedicated to the game’s battle gameplay. Not only the video dutifully showcases Xbox One footage, but it also features exclusively Xbox One branding, and a bit “Now on Xbox One” at the end.

It’ll be certainly interesting to see how the Xbox One version of the game will perform in Japan next week. The console’s limited installed base is currently at 71,159 units since launch in September 2014, and last week’s release of the Xbox One S didn’t exactly push sales to stellar levels.

Yet, if even 10% of local Xbox One owners purchased the game, that would be enough to push it well into the Media Create top-twenty, that will be released on Wednesday, December 7th. Otherwise, we’ll possibly see its performance the following Friday, when the top-fifty will be published. Making the top-twenty is a feat that very few Xbox One games managed in Japan.

It’ll probably boil down to how many of those 71,159 Xbox One owners actually uses the console as a primary platform (I personally know one, so they do exist), as opposed to those who have it as an additional console, mostly for the western-focused exclusives, but also own a PS4 (And I know plenty of those).

The fact that the Xbox One version is visually inferior will possibly weigh a lot on sales results as well, but it’s hard to predict of much, especially since we’re looking at relatively small numbers.

We’ll have to wait and see, but for now you can enjoy the commercial below.