Final Fantasy XVI's Development is Going Well, Will it Show up at TGS?

Final Fantasy XVI is still in development with Naoki Yoshida working like crazy on both the new JRPG and the MMORPG FF14 Endwalker at Square Enix.

By Iyane Agossah

September 8, 2021

Final Fantasy XVI is currently in development at Square Enix Creative Business Unit III, and Naoki Yoshida aka YoshiP recently shared yet another update on the highly-awaited JRPG for PS5, though it’s unlikely to show up at TGS 2021.

In a new interview with Famitsu, YoshiP was again asked about Final Fantasy 16. The interview is purely focused on MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV and its upcoming expansion Endwalker. However, seeing Naoki Yoshida is both the producer of Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XVI, he often ends up getting asked about FF16 too. And that’s the case in this new interview. (Thanks to our peers at Siliconera for pointing it out).

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Final Fantasy 16 – development is still going smoothly according to YoshiP

In the second part of the Famitsu interview, Naoki Yoshida explained:

Naoki Yoshida: “Btw, I often see FF14 players on social media saying stuff like “maybe YoshiP isn’t really involved in Endwalker seeing he must be busy with FF16“. That’s totally wrong. I’m working to death on both games these days, so please look forward to them (bitter smile).”

YoshiP also mentioned FF14 players shouldn’t idolize him so much and how he too, makes mistakes at times.

Naoki Yoshida: “And I do make mistakes myself, even if we take all the time we need to develop a game. I’m specifying this because I also often see FF14 players saying “If YoshiP had the time to look at this bug before the patch released, he would have fixed it”. Sometimes I just don’t notice these problems either! Sorry! But I’ll keep doing my best! That’s what I keep in mind while working on both FFXIV Endwalker and FFXIV. We’ll be sure to properly wrap up both projects!”

Will Final Fantasy XVI show up at Tokyo Game Show 2021?

Tokyo Game Show 2021 will be held starting September 30. Back in July, YoshiP said it’s very unlikely FF16 will be showing up at TGS. Seeing he didn’t even mention TGS in this new interview, it’s unlikely the situation has changed. I personally wouldn’t bet on Square Enix showing the game. We’ll probably get news on Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis and The First Soldier though.

FF14 Endwalker will be launching on November 23, 2021. Final Fantasy XVI has no release date estimate yet. While Final Fantasy VII Intergrade and Final Fantasy XVI are officially PS5 exclusives, there are many hints pointing toward PC versions of the games coming at some point.

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