Final Fantasy XVI Development Update: Scenario is Finished, Boss Battles, Cutscenes And More Still Need Work

Square Enix shared some new details through its recruitment page. Most of the Final Fantasy XVI development team is currently working from home.

By Iyane Agossah

October 8, 2020

On October 7, Square Enix updated its recruitment page for Final Fantasy XVI, coming to PS5, simultaneously giving us a new development update.

Square Enix is currently recruiting staff to create Final Fantasy XVI‘s maps and dungeons, high production rates cutscenes, and the characters’ action patterns. The foundations of the game’s development and the scenario production have been completed. Now, Creative Business Unit III needs new blood to keep on making the boss battles and other large scale resources.

Seeing Final Fantasy XVI is being developed on PS5, Square Enix is changing the way its resource production pipeline works since they’re changing console generations. As such, those who join now will get to incorporate new ideas in the way the team works. Most notably when it comes to the action battle system and the game’s maps.

The recruitment drive also states most of the Final Fantasy XVI development team is working remotely from home.

The tweet above is the sole tweet shared by the FF16 official Twitter so far. It followed the game’s announcement on the PS5 showcase in September 2020.

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Though this might not be final, Final Fantasy XVI was recently rated Mature by PEGI. We previously translated the FF XVI comments of Naoki Yoshida at TGS 2020. He most notably said a teaser site will open soon, though it won’t have any big news as Square Enix already said they’re saving that for 2021. Comments from Director Hiroshi Takai were published as well.

A recent report claimed Final Fantasy XVI is in development for at least 4 years and it fits perfectly with what we knew: Square Enix announced an AAA game was in development in 2016, and that game entered full scale development in 2019. This game was Final Fantasy XVI.

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