Final Fantasy XVI Additional News Coming Starting 2021

Final Fantasy XVI Additional News Coming Starting 2021

Square Enix reiterated new information on Final Fantasy XVI will be published in 2021. Meaning new details on the world, story and characters, and perhaps a release date estimate?

The official Twitter account for Final Fantasy XVI (PS5) reiterated on November 25 that new information is coming in 2021. Indeed, that was a bit of a bummer to see a new tweets notification from the account, only to see what we already knew. But at least it’s nice to hear hints that the JRPG is shaping up nicely.

Square Enix has been saying ever since the game’s announcement during the PS5 showcase that additional details would be coming in 2021. Final Fantasy XVI has no release date estimate, maybe we’ll get one in 2021?

Both Final Fantasy XVI Twitter accounts shared the same tweet, republishing the reveal trailer, mentioning new information coming 2021.

Japanese Tweet:

English Tweet:

With the launch of the teaser site in late October, Square Enix revealed a plethora of details on the world of Final Fantasy XVI. Most of the development team at Creative Business Unit III is also working from home. Moreover, Square Enix is introducing a permanent work from home program. In a sense, this vouches that the development of Final Fantasy 16, following that system, is going well.

Producer Naoki Yoshida also chatted about Final Fantasy XVI at Tokyo Game Show 2020. Lastly, be sure to read our translation of the comments from Battle Director Ryota Suzuki, who previously worked on Devil May Cry.