Final Fantasy XVI Speculation Rises With Potential Official Twitter Accounts

With a pair of seemingly placeholder Twitter accounts, speculation (and doubt) are on the rise about an announcement for Final Fantasy XVI.

By Ryan Meitzler

August 31, 2020

With Final Fantasy XV nearing its fourth anniversary and Final Fantasy VII Remake having released this past spring, naturally fans of the long-running JRPG franchise are wondering when we’ll see the next mainline installment make its way to release. Presumably titled Final Fantasy XVI, rumors surrounding the next main entry in the series have been running for some time, and the latest speculation has arrived from what might (or might not) be the game’s Twitter accounts.

Users on social media have uncovered what might be placeholder Twitter accounts for the next mainline Final Fantasy title, finding both “@FF16_JP” and “@FF16_EN” that would presumably be both Final Fantasy XVI‘s English and Japanese official Twitter accounts. Currently, both accounts are currently locked and unable to be followed, and were seemingly created earlier this month. Specifically, it was also discovered that the emails tied to the accounts might be connected to official Square Enix email addresses.

It’s not unheard of that publishers and studios will create placeholder social media accounts in order to secure specific handles on platforms like Twitter, and this could be a possibility in this case. However, given that Square Enix hasn’t officially confirmed or announced Final Fantasy XVI just yet, obviously this is a rumor to be taken with a healthy degree of salt.

Specifically, one of the biggest reasons to be doubtful of these accounts being real is that they are possibly fake and being squatted on by users trying to secure the handles. Notably, one of the biggest deviations from Square’s other official Final Fantasy accounts is that both of these “FFXVI” accounts use traditional numbers instead of roman numerals, such as the accounts used by other titles like Final Fantasy VII RemakeFinal Fantasy XIV, and Final Fantasy XV. Likewise, it’s also possible that the email address reportedly tied to the Twitter accounts could likely be faked as well. I’ve also tried a number of different variants of the social handles with numbers and underscores (@FF_XVI_EN, @FFXVIEN, etc.), and it seems more than likely that they are too are fakes.

Several other games this year have also been “uncovered” in a similar way, such as earlier this year with the reveal that Fable will be coming to Xbox Series X. Prior to the game’s reveal, placeholder Twitter accounts were discovered for both “@Fable” and “@PerfectDarkGame,” and while Fable has been officially confirmed, we’re still waiting to hear if the rumored next-gen Perfect Dark game is actually happening.

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At the moment, we know that Square Enix is working on the next chapter (presumably “Part 2”) of the Final Fantasy VII Remake series, and Final Fantasy XV‘s Luminous Productions is working on Project Athia, a new title that was revealed at Sony’s PS5 reveal event this past June. While some speculation arose that Project Athia might actually be Final Fantasy XVI, it has seemingly been confirmed that the game will be instead be the start of a new universe and original IP for Square Enix.

At the moment, Final Fantasy XVI is still unconfirmed by Square Enix, but it’s not exactly a stretch to say that it seems likely to happen sometime in the future. For now, stay tuned for official word on when we’ll see FFXVI, whether these Twitter accounts turn out to be “official” or otherwise.

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