Final Fantasy XV’s City of Lestallum Discovered in Episode Duscae Demo by Exploring Fan

on October 21, 2015 4:08 PM

When they released the 2.0 version of Final Fantasy XV‘s demo Episode Duscae, the good folks at Square Enix tried their very best to prevent players to force their way out of the bounds of the map.

Users used various methods in 1.0 to explore the demo and discover all sorts of cool things, like Titan.

Turns out that you can’t hold back curious fans, and while passing the borders is much harder now, it’s still possible, and Nico Nico user ApaNeL used another exploit to make a very cool discovery.

Starting for the south-western tip of the map, he followed the road for a long while, and finally found his El Dorado: a low resolution version of the city of Lestallum.

The city is, of course, incomplete, and it looks like a long distance model intended to be seen from far away, and that the game will replace with the detailed version as the player approaches.

You can see the city captured on film below.

If you’re wondering why the menu is open at all times, the new method of avoiding the “game over” screen when you walk too far form the beaten path involves opening the item menu just before the game kills you. The consequence is that you won’t get the “game over” anymore,  but you’ll also be stuck with the menu. Luckily it’s partly see-through.

Considering just how big the world seems to be, and that a simple demo includes so many cool things to find, looks like the explorers among us are in for a treat with Final Fantasy XV.

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