Final Fantasy XV’s DLC Will Be Detailed this Summer: Tabata Talks Frame Rate, PC and More

on April 9, 2016 10:15 AM

After the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event, Director Hajime Tabata has been very talative about many aspects of the game that were kept under wraps before. He provided some more color about some interesting elements like DLC and frame rate during an interview on the French site JeuxVideo.

Here are a few points he made:

  • It’s difficult to provide a precise number of people who work on Final Fantasy XV, but a rough estimate is 300 worldwide.
  • It’s also difficult to provide a precise percentage of completion for the development of the game. The localization phase has already begun, but development is in a stage advanced enough to be able to confidently announce the release date.
  • There will be a little bit less cinematic cutscenes than in previous Final Fantasy games. Instead of putting a lot of cinematic in the game itself, Square Enix preferred to create a feature Length film with Kingsglaive.
  • At the moment, the team is working hard on balance between different environments, and on little details like the amount of experience gained, the progression necessary to increase in level, the balance of power between different weapons and the speed of attack animations. Engineers are working on optimization, and artists are focused on polishing.
  • The team is currently optimizing the frame rate. They’re aiming to find a balance between what is shown on the screen and the optimization behind it. At the moment for Final Fantasy XV the team has finalized what we’re going to see on the screen, and now the team is able to use all the remaining time to make sure that the frame rate will be better.
  • The team also wants to make sure that there isn’t a disconnect between the spirit of the game and the real experience of the player. What matters the most is the sensation of the game more than a list of numbers.
  • You have to customize the Regalia in order to make it fly. Once that it’s done, all you have to do is to press a button to turn it into a flying machine.
  • The announcement on the nature of the DLC coming for the game will be made in the summer. The plan is for DLC to prolong the pleasure of playing the game. The team doesn’t want ordinary DLC. They’re aiming to create DLC that will actually create enthusiasm among the players.
  • Tabata-san is interested in doing a PC version after the console version, and the reason for that is that it would allow to push the game to a new technical level. He would like a version of Final Fantasy XV even more technically elaborate, integrating things that the team couldn’t do due to the limitations of console technology. In order to achieve that, it would be necessary to begin almost from zero, and do research on what kind of technology to use. It wouldn’t be a simple port of the console version.
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