Final Fight: Double Impact Release Date

Final Fight: Double Impact Release Date


If anyone remembers Final Fight, the one thing that comes to mind is Haggar – the man who has his daughter kidnapped and looks a little too much like Tom Selleck. It was one of those arcade games that we spent countless quarters on, and it’s a classic that old school gamers have never forgotten. If you’ve been itching for some side-scrolling ass-kicking action with the well-known trio Cody, Guy and Haggar, we’ve got a remedy for you.

Capcom has just announced the release date and pricing information for their upcoming Final Fight: Double Impact. The game, which sounds a lot more like a cheesy Jean Claude Van Damme movie, will be making its way to Xbox Live on April 14th, and April 15th for PlayStation Store. How much is the price of nostalgia? $9.99/800 Microsoft Points, for those of you looking for a hit of old school thrashing and bashing. Check out some images below.

Final Fight: Double Impact gives you the opportunity to experience both Capcom legends, Final Fight and Magic Sword, in a true arcade experience without the actual arcade cabinet… kind of. The downloadable game includes supped-up graphic modes, a remixed soundtrack, and an all-new drop-in online co-op that will allow you to play with friends or weird unknown people online.

The game’s plot takes the aforementioned heroes – Cody, Haggar, and Guy – through the crime-infested Metro City in hope of – you guessed it – saving Haggar’s daughter from the conniving Mad Gear.

In Magic Sword, you’ll take on the role of “The Brave One,” a fierce warrior who bears the daunting responsibility of absolving evil thingies from an ancient tower. The Brave One is accompanied by eight allies who will lend their skills and talents to take down the dark lord Drokmar in this fantasy-styled side-scroller.

Those of you who haven’t had the privilege of experiencing two of the best side-scrolling fighters of the late 80’s/early 90’s now have the chance of enduring two of the most respected games of their time via digital download. Oh, the good ‘ol days of gaming.