Final Girl Is a Horror-Themed, Solo Board Game From Van Ryder Games

Final Girl Is a Horror-Themed, Solo Board Game From Van Ryder Games

Final Girl is the next game from Van Ryder Games. It's a horror-themed solo game that is sure to rely heavily on story-telling, given the publisher.

Van Ryder Games has quickly become known in the board gaming community for excellent story-telling and innovative design. Their line of choose-your-own-adventure graphic novels has been a hit on Kickstarter. And now, the team is about to add another neat-looking game to their catalog. Final Girl is their next project, which looks to be a solo gamer’s delight. The game features a horrific theme and will launch on Kickstarter later this month. Check out the new teaser trailer below.

Van Ryder Games has been teasing Final Girl for a few weeks now. Interestingly, the game features four separate covers, though it’s not completely clear if these are variant covers or if all four will come with your Kickstarter purchase. In fact, there really isn’t much known outside of theme and player count just yet. That being said, Van Ryder Games has proven they’re a developer to watch, so I would mark this Kickstarter down in my calendar with a permanent marker.

Outside of the Graphic Novel Adventures line, Van Ryder has released hits like Detective: City of Angels, Sherlock Holmes: Baker Street Irregulars, and The Crusoe Crew. Each game has built on what makes the studio great by innovating the story-telling space that is often ignored in board games. I would expect Final Girl to do the same thing when it launches later this month.

Final Girl launches on Kickstarter on April 20. While you wait, there are some other great Kickstarters worth checking out. Frosthaven is obviously a massive one, and Tales From the Loop looks like it could be great. Either way, make sure to stay with DualShockers for all your board gaming news.