Final Girl Passes Kickstarter Funding Goal in Under 2 Hours

Final Girl Passes Kickstarter Funding Goal in Under 2 Hours

Final Girl smashes through its initial Kickstarter funding goal in under two hours. If you're looking for a new solo board game, give this one a look.

Van Ryder Games is back again with another excellent-looking solo board game in the form of Final Girl. The team has quickly made a name for themselves in the board gaming industry with its innovative design and Final Girl looks no different. While many of their previous games use the graphic novel style to deliver the gameplay, this one uses magnetized game boxes to create your playing field. It’s pretty wild.

When you get Final Girl, you’ll get a core box and 1-4 Feature Film boxes. This being a Kickstarter, the number of Feature Film boxes you get depends on which pledge level you sign up for. Regardless of how many you have available, the basic gameplay is the same. You choose one of the unique killers and an iconic location. Then, through a series of action selection and dice rolling, you’ll fight off the killer, unlocking your Final Girl along the way. The game ends when either you or the killer is dead. However, there’s always a chance the killer comes back from beyond the grave.

It’s a set-up that reminds me of Camp Grizzly, another horror-themed board game that seeks to capture the feel of movies like Friday the 13th. However, Final Girl gives you access to several different horror themes. From a spooky camp to a haunted manor, the options are a diverse selection of all the best horror movies. It’s also something Van Ryder could easily build on with future releases.

Final Girl is available now on Kickstarter. The campaign has 25 days left to go, giving you plenty of time to make a decision. Personally, I’ll probably be waiting for retail on this one. There are just so many add-ons and campaign options.  I’d rather see it in the wild before making a final purchase choice.