Final Riders of Icarus Closed Beta Announced: Reward for Those Who Participate

on May 23, 2016 4:24 PM

MMORPG Riders of Icarus for PC, is having a third and final closed beta between June 2nd and June 7th. It will introduce new gameplay updates, including the addition of an “action mode” that allows players to rotate the camera by simply moving the mouse, and other fixes based on user feedback from past betas.

In addition, they are also giving away in game items to those who play the closed beta. Players who participate in one of the closed betas (including this one) will receive a silver dragon cape, while players who have participated in more than one will receive a gold dragon cape. Both are pictured below.

This is all in preparation for an open beta, which begins on July 6th, or June 29th for people who purchase a Riders of Icarus Founder’s Pack. The capes will not be available to players until the open beta, but they are a nice thank you to those who supported the company while they developed the game.

You can sign up for the last closed beta right now, or wait until the open beta starts in July.

capes icarus

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