The Final Splatoon 2 Update is Coming Next Month

The Final Splatoon 2 Update is Coming Next Month

Splatoon 2 is getting its final content update on December 5, which features new gear abilities and weapons including Bomb Defense Up DX and the Nautilus 79.

The Nintendo exclusive squid-kid shooter, Splatoon 2, is getting its final content update December 5. Update 4.3.0 was revealed by Splatoon News with screenshots and highlights for what the update features.

The upcoming update includes a new gear ability called Bomb Defense Up DX — which is a combination of previous abilities: Bomb Defense Up and Cold Blooded. Though it’s not certain what this will exactly change and compromise when combining these two features, I’m sure it could be a potential necessity for certain loadouts.

Another ability is being added called: Main Power Up. This ability grants buffs to the gun your using and works differently depending on the gun. For example, the Splattershot increases in accuracy when you fire while jumping. Other examples include the Aerospray MG increasing in ink coverage, the Splat Roller getting a damage increase, and the Heavy Splatling can fire longer in a single burst. Though we will have to see exactly how much these weapons get buffed from Main Power Up, this could potentially be an incredible power up to have in your arsenal.

The final content update will also come with 8 new weapons including Ballpoint Splatling Nouveau, Nautilus 79, Custom Explosher, and Bloblobber Deco. There aren’t any details as to how some of these will work though they do seem dynamic and interesting enough to check out. There are still four more weapons to be revealed, so expect to get even more details closer to December 5.

Splatoon 2 Final Weapons

And that sums up the final content update for Splatoon 2. According to Splatoon News, there will still be balance tweaks and Splatfests until next year. It will be interesting to hear what the community will react to Splatoon 2‘s final update and whether they will keep strong or fade away. You can read up on the previous patch update here as well, which featured the final Salmon Run and new weapons.