Final Tomb Raider Guide to Survival Video Released

on February 21, 2013 11:52 AM

Square Enix has released the final video for Tomb Raider’s Guide to Survival that highlighted the things Lara had to do in order to survive in the Yamatai. This last episode places the focus on Lara’s ability to fight off threats in a rough and scrappy way.

As Lara explores the island, she will find her self facing a variety of foes that range from humans to creatures of the wild. Lara has the ability to unlock new skills and weapon upgrades that will develop her combat style to use in close combat and firefights.

Players will want to avoid running and gunning as Lara is out numbered most of the time and stealth kills will be the best way to stay undetected. Knowing and using the environment will be important to get the upper hand on foes. Lara will be able to dodge and counter moves. Improving equipment will also be key in keeping Lara alive.

Gamers will be able to check out the video below that shows Lara at her smartest and deadliest. Tomb Raider releases on March 5th, which means the wait for the next Lara Croft adventure is only a small wait away.

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