Finally, a Racer for Sim-Lovers and the Arcade Folks

Finally, a Racer for Sim-Lovers and the Arcade Folks

One of the things that turns me off series like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport is that I prefer the arcade-y feel of games like Burnout and — a bit ashamedly — the Cruis’n series. Likewise, I know a few guys who like the more realistic simulator experience the first two titles provide.

Well, the PlayStation Network’s Absolute Supercars aims to capture both camps with both arcade and simulation modes. There’s also an “assisted” driving mode, part of a package developer Eutechnyx calls “dynamic difficulty.” With up to 16-player races online and 20 tracks to choose from, some of which are modeled after raceways found on this side of your TV screen, the title seems pretty enticing for fans of any type of racing game.

No official word yet on when exactly in December Absolute Supercars will be available, but we do know it’ll be $9.99 on the PlayStation Store. Check out the debut trailer after the jump.

In addition to the bevy of tracks the game contains, players will have up to 40 vehicles with which they can race. The customization feature will also allow you to make your car your own. Go ahead and stick flames on the side of your Ferrari; it’s your prerogative.

The game’s rated E, so don’t get your hopes up when it comes to spectacular crashes and the like — not that you were going to, I just don’t want you to be disappointed. Personally, this is what I love most about this generation of consoles. These downloadable titles usually pack a feature set you’d expect from a title that would cost three or four times more at retail. But trust me, when I recount these days to my grandkids, there will be miles of snow-ridden terrain between me and my PlayStation 3.

So, who’s down to race when Absolute Supercars drops?