Finch Movie Ending Explained: Does Finch Die?

Brace yourself for the spoilers!

November 5, 2021

After multiple delays, the movie Finch has finally arrived on Apple TV+.

The post-apocalyptic science fiction drama film directed by Miguel Sapochnik depicts the journey of one of Finch Weinberg (played by Tom Hanks). He is accompanied by two companions on this journey — a pet dog named ‘Goodyear’ and a humanoid robot ‘Jeff.’

Before we move ahead to discuss what happens in the movie, here’s a fair warning: Spoilers ahead!

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Eternals | AR Story Experience | Official Trailer

Finch Movie Plot

The post-apocalyptic state of the planet is caused due to solar flares from the sun that destroys the Earth’s ozone layer. Since the shredded ozone layer fails to block the radiation from the sun, all life forms on Earth that are exposed to sunlight start dying.

Besides that, an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) ends up destroying all major electrical systems in the world disrupting including the Internet. Only appliances and small systems that are powered by solar or wind energy work in this world.

Does Finch Die In The Movie?

Quite early on in the movie, it becomes clear that Finch will die. So everything he does in the movie including the long journey he decides to go on is not exactly to save himself but to ensure the survival of his dog Goodyear.

Since there is a high level of radiation in this post-apocalyptic world, Finch is also affected by it and is slowly dying due to radiation poisoning. Knowing he wouldn’t be around for a long time, he builds the robot Jeff and feeds him with enough knowledge so that Jeff could take care of his beloved pet.

Eventually, Finch dies leaving Goodyear as well as his teachings and memories to the robot, Jeff.

What Happens In The End Of Finch Movie?

After Finch dies, Jeff wonders about his purpose and what he is supposed to do next. So the robot decides to think like Finch and wonders what he would have done like feeding the dog. That’s when he realizes that robotic fingers are too clumsy to open the can of dog food. But suddenly a magnetic cavity opens up in his chest which automatically sucks the can opens it.

It becomes apparent to Jeff that Finch embedded a can opener inside his body to ensure that he can take care of the dog. At this moment, he realizes the purpose of his existence which is to ensure Goodyear’s survival. After this Jeff decides to complete Finch’s journey to the Golden Gate bridge where he finds signs that there might be other people alive in the world.

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