Find Out How Long it Would Take to Get Through Your Steam Backlog with SteamLeft App

on January 19, 2015 9:53 AM

PC gamers’ biggest enemy is the backlog – specifically, the enormous, overwhelming buildup of games purchased during Steam’s many sales throughout the year (especially during the Summer and Winter sales), and leaving a pile of games higher than anyone can possibly tackle: but, now there is a way to track the time.

The new website application SteamLeft has been released to show users how long (in approximate time) it would take to get through a user’s entire Steam library, leading to some pretty outright shocking results.

By having users sign in with either their Steam account information or provide their Steam Community URL ID, SteamLeft pulls in the list of games owned by users alongside data from How Long to Beat, which tracks crowdsourced averages for a game’s complete running time, to give a look at how long it would take to complete every game in a user’s library.

Pulling in my own data from my Steam account, it turns out the time it would take to complete my Steam library would lead to many, many, many times reading through the Bible…continuously.

You can check out SteamLeft here to see just how long it would take to complete your backlog: and then have a good cry, afterwards.

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