Fire Emblem: Three Houses Gets Tons of New Character and Gameplay System Screenshots

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Gets Tons of New Character and Gameplay System Screenshots

Fire Emblem: Three Houses gets tons (and I mean tons) of brand new screenshots showcasing more of the gameplay system and characters.

Japanese magazine Famitsu has revealed a ton of brand new screenshots for the upcoming Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Said screens detail the characters as well as the overall gameplay system, which have been translated through BlackKite and Serenes Forest.

The screenshots showcase the protagonist speaking with the many students from the three houses and as such, we have some updated profile pictures of the main cast. There are also tons of tiny notes detailing gameplay mechanics. You can check out the full translations here (as you should, there’s so much to learn about this game by pouring over every screen).

Finally we have a brief breakdown of the main classes of Three Houses:

  • Commoner – Normal citizens found all across Fódlan. There are people from all walks of life. This class can wield some magic.
  • Noble – Those with the guiding bloodline of kings and lords. There are many descendants of the ancient heroes, the 10 Greats. This class can wield some magic.
  • Myrmidon – Those who excel at handling the sword. They can attack with swift motions and are adept at dodging foes.
  • Soldier – Those who excel at handling the lance. They can wield their weapon with dexterity and are good at attacking.
  • Fighter – Those who excel at handling axes, bows and gauntlets. They have immense strength and can land powerful blows.
  • Monk – Those who can heal others or fight with magic. This class can wield magic.

The Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter account has tons of mini character introduction videos, as well as a new version of the video showcasing the moment Byleth deflects a bandit attack. This was first introduced in the Nintendo Direct trailer but now comes with the other half of the video featuring female Byleth instead.

Next are two tweets showing off a brand new character named Manuela, one of the teachers at the academy. A former opera singer, she now works as a teacher and doctor at the academy. She often laments not being with a rich husband. Is friendly to Byleth, but has a bit of a crass side to her.

Plenty of other details have been previously revealed about Fire Emblem: Three Houses including a general character breakdown, an expansion on the class skills and abilities, and various character introduction videos (from the same Japanese Fire Emblem account).

Initially set for a Spring 2019 release, the title was pushed back to July 26th of this year. You can preorder the game for Nintendo Switch here and the limited edition set here.