Fire Emblem Fates Manga Suspended “Due to Various Circumstances”

Fire Emblem Fates Manga Suspended “Due to Various Circumstances”

Yusuke Kozaki, character designer of Fire Emblem Awakening, Fire Emblem Fates, No More Heroes, and even Pokémon GO, announced today via Twitter that a manga based on Fire Emblem Fates has been suspended “due to various circumstances.”

Kozaki-san goes on to apologize to fans who were expecting the book, which was set to be in collaboration with writer Shin Kibayashi, who also worked on the most recent Fire Emblem games. Personally speaking, Kozaki-san would like to illustrate a manga for the franchise some day.

Though the news comes as a disappointment for fans, there are other ways to show some love for the franchise, as Fire Emblem Fates‘ female Corrin figma and Nendoroid figures have recently just opened up for preorder and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon was released on Virtual Console for the Wii U earlier this month.

As for Kozaki-san, the talented artist released a mysterious trailer for a game back in early September which bears a striking resemblance to his previous works.

His aforementioned Tweet of can be found below: