Fire Emblem Three Houses Gets New Gameplay At E3, Japanese Voiceovers Confirmed

Fire Emblem Three Houses Gets New Gameplay At E3, Japanese Voiceovers Confirmed

Fire Emblem Three Houses' post time skip story depends on which house you picked at the beginning.

Following the latest trailer reveal, Nintendo showcased direct-feed gameplay footage for Fire Emblem Three Houses on the second day of the E3 2019 Treehouse stream. Nintendo also revealed portraits and artworks for post time skip Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude.

The gameplay went over the various aspects of Fire Emblem Three Houses, starting with life as a teacher and training the characters. Nearly everything explained, we’ve already covered it through our translations of the features in Famitsu. But some new interesting tidbits were revealed as well.

As we already know, characters in Fire Emblem Three Houses can be taught to access any class. However, like in past games, certain characters have unique classes which seemingly can’t be changed.

We also learned that the western versions of Fire Emblem Three Houses will include the Japanese voiceovers, which is really great news.

It was also revealed that despite the initial House choice at the beginning, between the Black Eagles, the Blue Lions or the Golden Deer, we’ll still be able to interact and even recruit other Houses’ students. Having more students also unlocks more Paralogue side stories and battles to complete.

“Hero Weapons” are included in Fire Emblem Three Houses, and can only be used by characters with Crests, which we previously translated as “Emblems”. Protagonist Byleth’s whip sword is one of those “Hero Weapons”. I’m using brackets as I’m pretty sure they meant something like Divine Weapons rather than the usual “Hero” weapons which always hits at least twice.

The House we select at the beginning basically determines which side we’ll end up on at the beginning of the war after the five-year timeskip. Selecting the Black Eagles means siding with Edelgard and her Adrestian Empire. Choosing the Bue Lions means siding with Dimitri and the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. PIcking Claude means we’ll be with the Leicester Alliance.

Map in interiors are returning, with doors to be opened with keys, and trap floors.

Combat Arts, which we previously translated as “Stratagems” will reduce weapon durability much more than normal attacks, so they can’t be spammed.

You can watch and listen to all the explanations in detail with the gameplay video below. We’ve in the past detailed nearly all the new mechanics of Three Houses here and here. You can take a look at our multiple stories introducing the characters here, here, and here.

Ahead of the July 26 release, you can grab Fire Emblem Three Houses on Amazon.

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