Fire Emblem Heroes Has Been Downloaded More Than Two Million Times

Fire Emblem Heroes Has Been Downloaded More Than Two Million Times

Data shows that Fire Emblem Heroes's release was more successful than Clash Royale's. However, it was not quite on par with Pokémon and Mario.

According to mobile marketing intelligence firm Sensor Tower, Fire Emblem Heroes‘ has had a more successful day-one launch than Clash Royale, but did not quite meet the same level of success as other Nintendo franchises to make the mobile leap.

Sensor Tower states that in the game’s first 24 hours, it was downloaded over two million times across the App Store and Google Play, and it grossed more than $2.9 million worldwide. The firm offered the following graphic to show how that compared to other major mobile releases in 2016.


As we can see, Fire Emblem Heroes more than doubled the day-one revenue of Clash Royale. Still, it lagged far behind the launches of Super Mario Run and Pokémon GO, which can likely be credited to the Fire Emblem franchise’s relative obscurity in the West.

In the second chart, the four games’ numbers of downloads were laid bare. Although Fire Emblem Heroes earned more than Clash Royale in its first day, it was downloaded the same number of times.


Fire Emblem Heroes’ revenue and number of downloads have overwhelmingly come from Japan. And yet, the game is now listed as the seventeenth highest ranked iPhone app when it comes to mobile revenue in the U.S.

With all of that said, Sensor Tower still feels more time will be necessary in order to know whether Fire Emblem Heroes will be a success, stating that there’s not yet a good indication that the game will “monetize long-term.”

“The initial players are likely to be the most diehard fans of the property, thus willing to spend more, and may not have progressed far enough into the game to really feel the need to monetize. That said, we’ll check back on the game as we get further from release to see how these day one metrics hold up.”

Prior to release, Nintendo held a fan voting event to determine what special character from the franchise would appear in the game. Yesterday, it revealed that 1.2 million votes were cast in the poll.