Tharja Is Clearly Best Girl in Fire Emblem Heroes’ Holiday Focus

Tharja Is Clearly Best Girl in Fire Emblem Heroes’ Holiday Focus

Fire Emblem Heroes is getting a new focus to celebrate the Holidays, featuring four characters and a new paralogue.

The Holidays are in full swing, and gacha mobile game all over the world are scrambling to provide special themed versions of some of the most beloved characters. Nintendo and Intelligent Systems’ Fire Emblem Heroes is no exception.

Of course, we all know that it’s just the perfect excuse for them to go whale hunting, but it’s all in good fun (mostly for them).

Starting on December 18th, the game is going to get a brand new focus including special Holiday versions of Lissa, Chrom, male Robin and Tharja. And yes, given her outfit, she is definitely best girl this time around. And I’ll fight you over this.

We’ll also get a new paralogue titled “Winter’s Envoy” for the usual intake of free orbs that never really hurt, and can at least get us started on doing some summonings.

The game just received a massive update that brought, among other things, a brand new story arc. In more Fire Emblem news, Fire Emblem Warriors is also getting an update and a DLC package soon.

Fire Emblem Heroes is currently available for iOS and Android. You can check out the trailer below, in both English and Japanese versions, if you prefer the non-terrible original voices.