Fire Emblem Heroes Monthly Premium Subscription Announced

Nintendo announced a brand new "feh pass" bringing a monthly subscription into Fire Emblem Heroes that will cost $9.49 a month.

Last weekend Nintendo announced a Fire Emblem Heroes monthly subscription, via their Nintendo Mobile YouTube channel. The subscription titled the “feh pass” gives players five benefits for $9.49 monthly, the first of which is two Resplendent Heroes a month. Resplendent heroes already previously existing heroes with different outfits, voice-lines, animations, and a plus-two bonus to every stat category. The second benefit is new quests that reward items. The third is the ability to create three summoner-support bonds. The fourth perk called re-act is essentially an undo button allowing you to go back to the previous turn or restart the current one making different choices. Finally, the last feature is called auto-start and allows you to queue up a level multiple times and repeatedly have the gameplay for you to earn rewards and experience.

Following the addition of subscription passes in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Mario Kart Tour, the feh pass isn’t shocking. Especially when considering that in Nintendo’s latest earnings reports mobile games had brought in over $1 billion in lifetime revenue, with Fire Emblem Heroes bringing in 61% of all mobile game revenue. Another interesting statistic is that the average Fire Emblem Heroes player spends over $40 dollars on the game. This was likely a key factor in Nintendo’s creation of the feh pass; clearly people are willing to spend in the game.

Unfortunately, since the subscription’s announcement, Fire Emblem Heroes has seen an influx in negative reviews. Complaints arising point-out that features like re-act, auto-start, and more summoner-support bonds, are quality of life features that Nintendo should have made free for everyone. The other large complaint is that the stat-boosted Resplendent heroes are pay-to-win.

Personally, I think it would be difficult to make Fire Emblem Heroes pay-to-win, after all, there is no real-time PvP. Regardless of its effect on gameplay, Nintendo clearly has confidence the feh pass will sell and continue to get people into the Fire Emblem series.

2019’s Fire Emblem Three Houses, has an extremely devoted fanbase and has sold over 2.5 million units making it the second-highest selling game in the franchise, in only six months. I have to assume Fire Emblem Heroes had a lot of influence on those sales.

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