Fire Emblem Three Houses Introduces More Students with Short Gameplay Videos

Fire Emblem Three Houses Introduces More Students with Short Gameplay Videos

More Fire Emblem Three Houses students with particular personalities are introduced with short gameplay videos.

On Twitter, Nintendo revealed more students characters appearing in Fire Emblem Three Houses, all designed by Chinatsu Kurahana of Utapri fame.

Ferdinand Von Egil, voiced by Taito Ban. Ferdinand is part of the Black Eagles.
The eldest son of the Duke of Egil. The Egil family is famous in the Adrestian Empire, as the imperial chancellor is always from this family. Ferdinand is extremely proud of his lineage, he’s confident and hates losing, not even to his imperial princess Edelgard.

In his dialogue video, Ferdinand introduces himself to the protagonist in a pompous manner. He always acts as politely as possible, like a typical noble.

Mercedes, voiced by Yumiri Hanamori. Mercedes is part of the Blue Lions.
Mercedes is a gentle woman who always helps those in need. She’s a noble of the Adrestian Empire, but moved to the Faerghus Kingdom, loosing her noble status. Mercedes also used to study magic at the Magic Academy of Faerghus Kingdom’s capital. Quoting her, she’s “slightly older” than the other students at the Officer’s Academy. Mercedes is like everyone’s big sister at the Blue Lions.

In her dialogue video, Mercedes tells the protagonist she used to study at the kingdom’s Magic Academy with Lorenz and Anette. She doesn’t seem to be too fond of Lorenz, but she’s best friends with Anette, whom she nicknames Ann. Despite Mercedes being older, Anette approached her back then and they’ve been friends since.

Raphael, voiced by Takaki Otomari. Raphael is part of the Golden Deer.
Raphael is the son of a merchant of the Leicester alliance. Despite his tragic childhood, his parents passed away in an accident, Raphael is always cheerful. Rather than the lectures, he’s more concerned about what’s on the cafeteria’s menu and his daily muscle training. He wishes to become an exemplary knight.

In his dialogue video, Raphael tells the protagonist he’s always hungry and wishes lectures were shorter so he could go eat faster. He also asks why the cafeteria isn’t all-you-can-eat.

Bernadetta, voiced by Ayumi Tsuji. Bernadetta is part of the Black Eagles.
She is the sole daughter of the Earl of Varly. She’s an extremely shy and quiet girl. The only places she feels at ease are her own home and her room in the dorms. She spends all the time outside lectures in her room, engrossed in a certain “hobby”.
In the screenshot, Bernadetta is incredibly flustered because the protagonist saw something awkward, probably linked to her particular hobby.

The protagonist tries speaking with Bernadetta, but she stutters and mentions she was about to get back to her room. She quickly leaves.

Lastly, Famitsu announced that this week’s issue of the magazine will introduce two characters important to the plot: The Reaper Knight and the Fire Emperor. Both are antagonistic existence to the Church of Seiros. The feature will also include more details on the beginning of the game and the “Cooperation Plans” system between the students. We’ll be covering that later this week so stay tuned.

FE Three Houses includes many mechanics completely new to the Fire Emblem series, like the Bataillion system and the Stratagems. Personally speaking, I’m bewildered by the fact Nintendo is pretty much only communicating on the game in Japanese. They’re probably betting everything on the gameplay we’ll see on Treehouse streams at E3, and will explain all the systems officially in English there. I believe revealing things bit by bit, as it is the case in Japan, would be better to swallow though.

Fire Emblem Three Houses launches on Switch on July 26. You can preorder on Amazon the standard version or the limited edition.

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