Fire Emblem Three Houses Details Its Antagonists, Story Differences Between The Three Houses

More student characters were also introduced with new gameplay videos.

Did you know there’s a new Fire Emblem game coming to Switch worldwide this July? I can’t seem to see nor hear Nintendo’s promotion of Fire Emblem Three Houses outside Japan, so I’ve been wondering if you did. Jokes aside, this time we’ll be taking a look at Fire Emblem Three Houses‘ villains, along with more cute and cool student characters which were introduced.

First, we’ve got the Reaper Knight. In the city of Garreg Mach, which houses the Church of Seiros’s headquarters and the Officers’ Academy, rumors of a knight carrying out assassinations at night are spreading. Turns out the rumors were real, as our protagonist will end up facing the Knight at some point. Nothing is known about the Reaper Knight besides that it’s an enemy of the Church of Seiros, and disturbs the peace of the continent. Keep in mind “Reaper Knight” is simply how I decided to translate his Japanese name, and his official English name might turn out different. We’d know it already if Nintendo properly advertised the game outside Japan, too bad.

Next, we’ve got the Fire Emperor. A mysterious masked figure who appears in the vicinity of the Academy. The bandits who attacked the academy’s students at the beginning of the story were apparently moving under his orders. After the protagonist saved the students from the bandits, the Fire Emperor has been keeping a close eye on them.  No one knows his true objective. Again, his official English name might turn out different than “Fire Emperor”.

The way the story changes depending on whether you picked the Black Eagles, the Blue Lions, or the Golden Deer, was explained as well. Basically, the important story battle and story events happening at the end of each chapter are common to all three. However, the events shown happening between these will be different. This means that depending on which house you picked, you will get a different point of view and a better understanding of certain main story events. This could mean Fire Emblem Three Houses has a pretty nice replaying value if the story will be worth it.

Unlike all the other characters revealed so far, the voice actors for the Reaper Knight and the Fire Emperor weren’t revealed. They’re both pretty much typical anime-like masked characters, so some plot twist will definitely happen regarding their identities. Hopefully, Intelligent System and Koei Tecmo have something else in mind than a “The Church is actually evil and one of these two dudes is the protagonist’s dad” twist. If I throw down 60€ only to get such a boring story I swear I won’t be playing another new Fire Emblem game ever again. Except for a remake of 4.

In any case, we’ve also got some new students to introduce along with short gameplay videos.

Ash, voiced by Yuki Inoue. Ash is part of the Blue Lions.
Ash is the adoptive son of Ronart, a knight who owns a territory named Gaspard in the Kingdom of Faerghus. As such, Ash feels nothing but respect towards his father, who brought up a commoner’s child like him and gave him the opportunity to enroll in the Academy. Ash is a serious and diligent student who hopes to become as respectable as his father one day.

In his gameplay video, Ash tells the protagonist how much of an amazing person “Sir Ronart” is, basically repeating what’s above.

This white-haired old guy is Ronart. At some point in the story, probably pretty early on or else they wouldn’t spoil it, he ends up rebelling against the Church of Seiros. The protagonist and their students will get mobilized to quell the revolt. If you selected the Blue Lions at the beginning, you’ll see more elements to that part of the story thanks to Ash being among your students.

Licitea, voiced by Aoi Yuki. Licitea is part of the Golden Deer.
Licitea is the eldest daughter of Earl Cordelia. Licitea is 15 years old and the youngest student who enrolled in the Officers’ Academy this year. She’s a genius, extremely talented in magic. However, she doesn’t let it get to her head and is always training diligently. She still has a childish personality though and is particularly afraid of the supernatural and ghosts.

In her gameplay video, Licitea asks the protagonist if they’ve already been to the academy’s archives and how awesome it is. She’s so much into it she’d rather read them more at night than sleep. The protagonist can either: ask why she’s so much into reading, or reprimand her for not sleeping well enough. This is one of the many dialogue options influencing the relationships with your students, as going for the former will please Licitea. She adds that rather than being fond of the archive themselves, she simply wishes to learn as much as possible.

Casval, voiced by Satoru Murakami. Casval is part of the Black Eagles.
He’s the second son of the Earl of Belgies. As he won’t be inheriting the house and title, he decided to dedicate himself to martial arts and enrolled at the Academy. While Casval has a short temper, which often gets him into fights, he also holds a strong sense of justice and he’s an honest student.

Casval speaks about his admiration for one of the teachers, Yeritza, and how strong she is.  There’s a certain teacher who ended up “running away” during a previous outdoor assignment, so Casval thought Yeritza would be the Black Eagles’ new homeroom teacher. However, that turned out to be the protagonist. (Yeritza wasn’t introduced yet).

Anette, voiced by Takako Tanaka. Anette is part of the Blue Lions.
Anette is Mercedes’ best friend we mentioned the other time. Mercedes calls Anette “Ann”, and Anette calls Mercedes “Merce”.
Anette is a noble like most of the students. She’s the niece of Baron Dominique. She brilliantly graduated from the Magic Academy of Faerghus Kingdom’s capital. She’s not without faults though and sometimes fails miserably despite her best efforts.

Anette says she’ll be on cooking duty soon so she’s trying to find out people’s preferences. She asks the protagonist if they like sweet or spicy food. The protagonist answers the former, which ups her affection as she has a sweet tooth too.

Ignatz, voiced by Shogo Yano. Ignatz is part of the Golden Deer.
He’s the second eldest son of a Leicester Alliance merchant. His older brother will succeed their father, so his family sent him to the Officer’s Academy to become a knight. However, it seems he has another objective in mind. Ignatz is into fine arts and he’s a gentle person who loves nature.

Ignatz says the Officer’s Academy has been built over a thousand years ago, so it’s full of art pieces and he never tires of observing them. The protagonist can ask him if he’s knowledgeable about art or if he loves art. After selecting the second choice, Ignatz answers that he’s always loved art as seeing he’s from a merchant house, he’s used to seeing art pieces.

These are all the characters revealed so far. You can check out the previous batches of character introductions here and here. Fire Emblem Three Houses is also pretty different from the rest of the series so far, you might want to take a look at some of the new mechanics before the game launches.

Fire Emblem Three Houses launches on Switch on July 26. You can preorder on Amazon the standard version or the limited edition.

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