Fire Emblem Three Houses Gets Multiple Character Introduction Gameplay Videos (Updated)

Fire Emblem Three Houses Gets Multiple Character Introduction Gameplay Videos (Updated)

New event gameplay videos introduce more Fire Emblem: Three Houses characters. Anna's new design was also revealed.

Starting the end of April, the official Japanese Twitter of Fire Emblem: Three Houses started publishing several character profiles and short gameplay videos. The gameplay videos all feature early dialogue scenes introducing main characters.

The very first gameplay video shows one of the first cutscenes in the game. We see the protagonist saving Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude from bandits. We’ve covered in a previous article everything we know about Fire Emblem Three Houses‘ story so far.

The next video shows a part of the protagonist’s meeting with Sothis.


The next video shows Edelgard properly introducing herself to the protagonist after they became a teacher at the officers’ academy. She didn’t think the protagonist would become their teacher.

Then we’ve got Dimitri’s introduction video. Despite being of royal descent, Dimitri is humble and asks the protagonist to treat him like any other student.

Claude’s introduction video. All of these three scenes happen before the protagonist selects which house to teach, so Claude recommends his Golden Deer house as they’re all easygoing people.

The next video shows the protagonist speaking with their father, Jeralt. They’re consulting him about something, probably about their dreams and if he knows about Sothis. Jeralt tells the protagonist he never heard about someone like that. He adds that they should focus on their next battle, as mercenaries will meet an early death if they don’t focus on their jobs.

Two new characters profiles were also revealed on Twitter.

We’ve got Lea, voiced by Kikuko Inoue. She’s the archbishop and leader of the church of Seiros. She was already archbishop back when Jeralt was the leader of the Knights of Seiros. She’s the one who invited the protagonist as a teacher after recognizing their abilities. She is a mother-like figure to the believers but is ruthless towards those who oppose the church.


This is a dialogue scene between Lea and the protagonist shortly after they arrived at the officer’s academy. Lea believes the protagonist will be able to properly guide and support the students. The protagonist can either answer with a decisive “Leave it to me”, or with a slightly less convincing “I’ll do what I can”.

Next, we’ve got Hubert, voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi. He’s one of the representatives of the Black Eagles house and serves Edelgard. Hubert is the heir of the Vestra, a family whose head holds the title of Marquis. He’s been serving Edelgard since childhood. He prioritizes Edelgard over anything else and would do anything to further her goals. For Edelgard, Hubert is a trustworthy attendant who never loses his cool.

In his introduction video, Hubert politely introduces himself to the protagonist and thank them for saving Edelgard.


As a side note, the Japanese official twitter’s avatar is the Fire Emblem Three Houses version of Anna.

Nintendo previously revealed more gameplay details on Fire Emblem Three Houses, like the skill system, or how to teach and promote students. Differences from past Fire Emblem games were revealed too, like how promoting doesn’t reset levels anymore. We’ve covered all the details in a previous article. The squad system, which seems to be inspired from the Langrisser series, wasn’t explained yet, but Famitsu reported that Nintendo will do so soon.

Fire Emblem Three Houses launches exclusively on Switch on July 26. You can catch the latest trailer here. A Limited Edition was also announced.

Update: The official Twitter published more character introductions:

We’ve got Dudo, voiced by Hidenori Takahashi. He’s one of the representatives of the Blue Lions and serves Dimitri. Dudo was born in a commoner family. He’s from the Daskar region, set in the northwest of the Faerghus Kingdom. He’s deeply indebted to Dimitri and decided to serve him for the rest of his life. People often judge him by his big stature and emotionlessness, thinking he’s a bad person. In truth, he’s a very caring man.

The video shows him introducing himself to the protagonist, saying he’ll definitely help them in any way as thanks for saving Dimitri.