Fire Emblem Three Houses Introduces Songstress Dorothea, Battle Maniac Felix, Lazy Hilda and Teacher Hanneman

Fire Emblem Three Houses Introduces Songstress Dorothea, Battle Maniac Felix, Lazy Hilda and Teacher Hanneman

More Fire Emblem Three Houses characters were detailed in short gameplay videos along with a bit more lore exposition.

Hey Fire Emblem and Utapri fans, it’s that time of the week again. Nintendo revealed new profiles and introduction videos for characters in Fire Emblem Three Houses, but only in Japanese despite the game’s worldwide release. Luckily us writers are here to translate everything. Most characters are faces we’ve already seen in past trailers and screenshots. The lore about the “Emblems” in the game’s story was explained as well.

Dorothea, voiced by Juri Nagatsuma. Dorothea is in the Black Eagles. She was one of the most popular songstresses in the Adrestian Empire. She was also part of the same Mittelfrank Opera as teacher Manuela, and always respected her as a role model. Dorothea is the sole student in the Black Eagles who wasn’t born in a noble family. At times she might feel out of place, but all the students are around the same age so she has no problem treating everyone as friends.


Judging by her line in the screenshot, part of why she joined the Officer’s Academy is to have an alternative career choice, in case her popularity as a songstress ever drops.

In their first meeting, Dorothea compliments the protagonist’s looks, inviting them for a tour of the Officer’s Academy. She then introduces herself and mentions how she used to be part of the Adrestian Empire’s Opera. Dorothea is mistaking the protagonist for a new student and didn’t know they’re the new teacher.

Felix, voiced by Yuichi Jose. Felix is part of the Blue Lions. He is the legitimate heir of the Duke of Fraldarius. He’s childhood friends with Dimitri but nicknames him “the wild boar”. Felix is unfriendly towards anyone who approaches him, prefers to act alone, and has a sarcastic personality. The only thing Felix ever has in mind is perfecting his swordsmanship. When he meets someone strong, the first thing he’ll try to do is sparring with them.

During their first meeting, Felix tells the protagonist he’s heard rumors of their skills and would like to fight them one of these days. Felix might seem like a cold man, he burns with passion when it comes to fights.

Hilda, voiced by Yuki Kuwahara. Hilda is part of the Golden Deer. She is the sole daughter of Duke Goneril. Perhaps because she was spoiled by her father and elder brother, she tends to be lazy. She likes to act that way too as everyone tends to take care of her. Her easy-going personality sticks out, and she’s the walking archetype of a spoiled princess. She’s into fashion and likes anything pretty.

In this scene, Hilda asks the protagonist if she can sit out the next mock battle. She acts as if she’s a completely useless, frail young lady who can’t fight, to be able to slack off. She’ll be sure to watch and cheer the students participating though.

Hanneman, voiced by Kenji Hamada. Hanneman is one of the teachers of the Officer’s Academy, and an Emblem researcher. Hanneman is a calm old man, except when it comes to Emblem research. He gets quickly immersed into anything related to Emblems, forgetting his surroundings. He’s particularly interested in the mysterious Emblem owned by the protagonist. Hanneman doesn’t seem to get along with his colleague Manuela.


As the protagonist becomes a teacher, Hanneman is one of their colleagues. This is one of the discussions they’ll have. Hanneman heard about how the protagonist is organizing a mock battle, but would rather learn more about the protagonist’s Emblem. He’s currently studying it but isn’t making any progress. In a little bit mad scientist way, he asks the protagonist if he could have a flesh sample, or even just a blood sample, as that might help with the research.

Another video with Hanneman explaining Emblems was published:

Emblems are special powers said to have been gifted by the goddess in the past. People who own an Emblem have it engraved somewhere on their bodies, and Emblems are transmitted hereditarily. Emblems have multiple superhuman effects, like granting extreme prowess in magic or a powerful, large body. The protagonist asks if they have such powers as well, but Hanneman would need to study their Emblem first to be able to answer that. He adds that while Emblems are transmitted by blood, it’s not systematic. People who had an ancestor with an Emblem won’t necessarily inherit it.


The tweet says that very few people on the Fódlan Continent currently have Emblems. In ancient times, people such as heroes or saints received an Emblem from the goddess. The current noble families are their descendants, with the Emblems as the symbol of their families’ power. But as said above, not all descendants inherit emblems, and most nobles actually don’t have an Emblem.

Long story short, Emblems in Three Houses are like the Holy Blood in Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War or the Dragon Veins in Fire Emblem Fates, except more random and not 100% transmitted to children.


The official twitter also published a screenshot of the protagonist’s emblem. The tweet questions why the protagonist has one, as only nobles should have them. This will definitely be one of the main plot points in the game.

You can take a look at the previous batch of characters introductions videos and game system details.

Fire Emblem Three Houses launches on July 26 worldwide exclusively on Switch. Stay tuned as another article with new game system details should be coming soon.