Fire Emblem Three Houses Newest Gameplay Videos Reveal More Characters

Fire Emblem Three Houses Newest Gameplay Videos Reveal More Characters

Meet more Fire Emblem Three Houses characters coming straight outta Utapri.

Nintendo revealed at E3 2019 that Fire Emblem Three Houses is divided into two parts. The first part has the protagonist teaching students from the three superpowers of the continent, at the Church of Seiros’ Officer Academy. The second part takes places five years later, where war broke out between these three superpowers.

It was revealed that the house selection at the beginning of the first part also determines which faction the protagonist will side with in the second part. More details on that will be coming later this week, as this week’s Famitsu will include a new feature on Fire Emblem Three Houses.

For now,  the Fire Emblem Three Houses Japanese Twitter introduced more characters, including a new key character, one of the Knights of Seiros who maintain peace in the continent.

This is Catherine, who’s voiced by Chie Matsuura. She’s one of the best Knights of Seiros and in the past, was a student of the Officer’s Academy. As she inherited an Emblem, she wields one of the “Heritage of Heroes” weapons, which manipulates thunder. It seems the official English name for those is “Hero Weapons” as stated during the Treehouse stream. She is perfectly loyal to Leah, the Church of Seiros’ archbishop.

This is Catherine’s first meeting with the protagonist after being summoned by Leah. She says she heard about the protagonist and is ready to help them any time.

The other cutscene is Catherine being cool and using her cool thunder sword.

The official twitter also confirmed that the sword the protagonist is seen using in the newest trailer is also a “Hero Weapon”. It’s called “Emperor Sword”.

Here are the other new characters introduced:

Petra, voiced by Shizuka Ishigami. She’s a student part of the Black Eagles.
Petra is the granddaughter of the house which governs the Brigid archipelago, located at the west of the Fódlan continent. The Brigid archipelago is part of the Adrestian Empire, and they sent Petra to the Officer’s Academy as proof of their loyalty. They speak a different language than in Fódlan, so she has trouble expressing herself. However, she’s a motivated student.

Petra’s introduction video. She says she’s happy to have joined the academy as she got to meet many new people, and wishes to study a lot more.

Sylvan, voiced by Makoto Furukawa. He’s part of the Blue Lions.
Sylvan is the son and successor of the Count of Gautier. He’s a reliable young man, but also a troublemaker who always tries to seduce girls. He has an older brother who was disinherited because he didn’t inherit their family’s Emblem.

In his introduction gameplay video, Sylvan mentions he’s happy to be in the academy because it’s full of beautiful girls.

Marianne, voiced by Sawako Hata. She’s part of the Golden Deer.
Marianne is the adopted daughter of the Count of Edmund. She barely ever associates with others, to the point that some never even heard her voice. However, she loves animals and often chats with birds and other animals. She also holds a strong faith and prays to the goddess every day.

In her dialogue video, she asks the protagonist if she can sit out the next bandit subjugation operation. She thinks she will be dead weight and asks whether she could stay in the back for logistic support or stay at the Academy.

Linhart, voiced by Shun Horie. He’s part of the Black Eagles.
The son and successor of Count Hevring. He hates following rules and everything he deems troublesome, so despite being a genius, he spends his days sleeping, doing the bare minimum at the academy. However, he has a strong interest in Emblem research and can get engrossed in it to the point of forgetting to eat and sleep. He also gets along well with Casval.

Linhart mentions how he could skip the next lesson to take a nap seeing it’s such a nice day. The protagonist can either scold him or say that he does understand taking naps on sunny days feels great.

That’s all. For now, Nintendo only revealed the post timeskip looks of Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude, but all the other students will probably get new looks as well.

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Fire Emblem Three Houses launches on Switch on July 26. You can preorder it on Amazon.

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