Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC Characters Are Recruitable in the Main Game

In the second part of the game. the Ashen Wolves characters of the Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC will also change designs like the other students.

Intelligent Systems revealed new details on Fire Emblem Three Houses Cindered Shadows DLC via the Japanese Twitter of the franchise. We learned how the saves for the Cindered Shadows DLC and the saves for the main game are separate and cannot be transferred. Making the DLC a completely independent side story. However, as you advance through the DLC, new functionalities will be added to the main game.

Clearing Chapter 1 of Cindered Shadows will allow you to visit the Abyss, where the DLC takes place, in the main game.

If you own the DLC, in the first part of the main game, you will be able to interact with the four Ashen Wolves, the new characters included in the DLC. Yuris (voiced by Junya Enoki), Constance (Sarah Emi Bridcutt), Balthazar (Subaru Kimura), and Hapi (Sachika Misawa), can also be scouted to your class after reaching a certain point in the DLC. The Ashen Wolves joining your class means you’ll be able to see additional events and interactions with them, as seen in the screenshots above. They also have Support Events with characters who don’t necessarily appear in the side story DLC. Moreover, the Ashen Wolves will also appear in the second part of the game after the time skip, with new designs, just like the other student characters.

Technically, we already heard all that through what was data mined by fans, but information obtained this way isn’t necessarily set in stone, and we only got official confirmation today.

Lastly, the Fire Emblem twitter account also shared short gameplay event scenes with the Ashen Wolves. You can check them out at the end of this article. Stay tuned as we’ll be translating them along with more information on the characters soon.

The Fire Emblem Three Houses Cindered Shadows DLC will launch on February 13. It’s also included in the game’s Expansion Pass. The story features Byleth, the Ashen Wolves, Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, Linhardt, Ashe, and Hilda, as they try solving the mystery of the Abyss.  You can read more about the DLC and check its dedicated trailer here.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is available on Nintendo Switch and is the best selling Fire Emblem game ever. You can check out our review to learn more.

Fire Emblem Three Houses‘ protagonist Byleth was also revealed as the latest DLC character in the first Fighters Pass of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Certain Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans were disappointed with the reveal.

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