Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC Only Class Trickster Detailed

Fire Emblem Three Houses has four exclusive classes in its Cindered Shadows DLC, including the Trickster Class, a magic swordfighter.

Soon after officially confirming that the Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC includes exclusives Classes, the Fire Emblem Japanese Twitter account shared extensive details one of these Classes, the Trickster.

First off, as you already know, the Three Houses DLC is a side story that includes four new characters, the Ashen Wolves. We learned today that each one of these four new characters can switch to one of these new DLC exclusive Classes. Once you clear Episode 1 of the DLC, these four classes will be available in the main game along with the Ashen Wolves. Characters over level 20, with the adequate Skill Levels, and with the correct certificate, will be able to try the exam for the Classes.

The Three Houses DLC exclusive classes are the Trickster, the Battle Sister/Battle Monk, the Dark Pegasus, and the Valkyria. Note that the Classes’ names tend to be pretty different in the Japanese and in the English version. The Japanese names tend to be metaphorical. For example, Byleth’s exclusive class is titled Nirvana in Japanese,  but it’s named Enlightened One in the English version. So these names might turn out different in English.

Here are the details on the Trickster Class, shared on Twitter. It’s a magic sword fighter focusing on speed. The best trick up its sleeve is the Combat Art “Trick”, which lets the unit switch positions with an ally within 5 squares. Only characters who only unlocked the Thief Class can pass the exam for Trickster.

Lastly, we heard Anna gets a new costume through the DLC. After clearing Episode 1 of the DLC and unlocking the DLC Classes in the main game, you’ll be able to change Anna’s costume to the “Battle Merchant Costume”. Assuming you already recruited her. She has a new portrait too when you do that.

That’s all regarding the Trickster Class in the Three Houses DLC. The Combat Art to switch positions seems pretty useful, I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of strategy you can do with it in the DLC’s maps.

We should hear details about the three other DLC exclusive classes soon. We’ve been covering the DLC in detail since its announcement. You can read more here, here and here. You can also check out the upcoming Drama CDs coming to Japan.

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