Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC Class Dark Pegasus Detailed

Here are the details on the Dark Pegasus, one of the four classes in the Fire Emblem Three Houses Cindered Shadows DLC.

True Final Boss of the Fire Emblem series Anna revealed new details on the upcoming Fire Emblem Three Houses Cindered Shadows DLC via the series’ Japanese Twitter, detailing the Dark Pegasus DLC class. The DLC’s info is also getting official translations through the Nintendo of America Twitter, but the Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter is ahead. Luckily we’re here to translate as always.

As a reminder, the four Ashen Wolves characters appearing in the Cindered Shadows DLC side story, Yuris, Balthazar, Hapi and Constance, all have access to a specific DLC exclusive class. Clearing Episode 1 of the DLC will also unlock the four characters and the four classes in the main story. These classes are Battle Sister/Battle Monk, Dark Pegasus, Trickster, and Valkyria. Note that the Classes’ names might be different in the English version.

Here are the details on the Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC Dark Pegasus class. It’s a female-only Class, a magic knight riding a jet-black pegasus. Dark Pegasus has a Class-specific skill, Magic Conversion: If a Dark Pegasus unit receives a magic attack in the Enemy Phase, it will receive +3 to all its stats until the end of the next Ally Phase. The Dark Pegasus Class demonstrates its strength on maps with a lot of magic-using enemies. However, be careful of bows as it’s a flying unit.

The Cindered Shadows DLC will be available on February 13 through the FE3H Expansion Pass. You can read the first details about the DLC and check its trailer here. We also have details on the Trickster class, how recruiting the DLC characters in the main game works, and details regarding the DLC’s difficulty and more.

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