Fire Emblem Three Houses Expansion Pass DLC Revealed; New Full Length Trailer

Fire Emblem Three Houses Expansion Pass DLC Revealed; New Full Length Trailer

9-minutes long trailer of Fire Emblem Three Houses recaps everything we know about the tactical RPG series' first foray into Switch.

Nintendo revealed Fire Emblem Three Houses will receive four waves of DLCs. These will be released sporadically starting the game’s launch in July until April 2020. All the DLCs will be obtainable separately or can all be obtained by buying the Expansion Pass, which was announced as well.

The DLCs will include additional side stories, additional quests,  additional Free Battles maps, and some support items. Players who get the Expansion Pass will also receive at launch alternate costumes for the protagonists, screenshots above. The costume is an alternate military uniform, with a cloak and a no cloak version.

Players of Fire Emblem Heroes will also receive a 5 Stars of Fire Emblem Three Houses‘ male protagonist if they get the game and play it with the same Nintendo account they’re using for Heroes.

The Japanese physical version of Fire Emblem Three Houses will also include an exclusive card for the TCG Fire Emblem Cipher.

Next, Nintendo also published a brand new trailer for Fire Emblem Three Houses. It’s in Japanese but is basically a recap of everything we’ve covered so far. We’ve got an introduction to the school and calendar system, which continues post time skip. An introduction of the three houses, with all their students. And lastly some battle scenes and new story scenes. Some fun new mechanics I didn’t have the time to write about such as the fishing minigame, or the tea time minigame to strengthen your relationships, are shown too.

New Japanese ads for the game were published as well. You can find them below along with the trailer. You can also catch the latest English trailer to hear the English dub.

Fire Emblem Three Houses launches on July 26 on Nintendo Switch. You can preorder it on Amazon.