Fire Emblem: Three Houses Edelgard Figurine Now Available for Preorder

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Edelgard von Hresvelg's figurine, revealed during Wonder Festival 2019, is now available for preorder.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses fans — and specifically fans of Edelgard — will be happy to hear this bit of news. The figurine modeled after Edelgard von Hresvelg, leader of the Black Eagles and the princess and future emperor of the Adrestian Empire, is now available for preorder at both the My Japanese Nintendo online store and the official Good Smile online store.

The figma was developed by Japanese company Good Smile and first premiered during Japan’s Wonder Festival 2019 as an uncolored prototype. As of now the preorder period is November 7th, 2019 through December 4th, 2019 for 8,800 yen and the product will release in July of 2020.

The figurine itself showcases her using both a Killer Axe as well as her Hero’s Relic Aymr. Her face can also be switched out and body posed to create a variety of expressions and battle stances. Check out the gallery just below, which features some lovely pictures of her full colored self:

In recent news, the patch notes have been revealed for Three House update version 1.1.0, which dropped just yesterday. Among all the quality of life changes, the biggest ones are the butler and maid costumes for each of the characters, Shopkeeper Anna being recruitable for those who purchased the expansion pass, the addition of a recruitable Jeriza in Edelgard’s Red Flower route, and the free update which upgrades the game with 25 save slots.

Fire Emblem Expo II” has also been announced for sometime in 2020. The original expo took place in May of this year, and this new event is bound to reveal some interesting information.

As of the end of October, Fire Emblem: Three Houses has sold over 2.29 million copies and is on track to becoming the best selling in the franchise. There’s a new accolades trailer that tells you why it’s a must play game (besides tea parties of course). And the UK clearly agree, as it reached the top of the charts for the second straight week. In a recent interview from Famitsu, it was revealed that the majority of Fire Emblem: Three Houses‘ development team came from Koei Tecmo.

Nintendo released new trailers and a beautiful piece of official artwork to celebrate the launch. The game also has an Expansion Pass and Amiibo and online features. The game will receive a free update later on which will add Lunatic Mode. Check out our glowing review of Fire Emblem: Three Houses game here. And if it makes you interested, you can order the standard version here and the limited edition set here.


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